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FROM THE VAULT: Drunk On Cum 1 & 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.09.44 pm

Release: February 2008
Runtime: 120 minutes
Director: Paul Morris
Producer: Paul Morris
This one features three nut-bustin’ cocksucking parties. The action gets started with BILLY WILD, who sucks, worships, and swallows cum from a group of men sporting big, beautiful dicks like he’s starving and desperate for a protein fix.

This is followed by huge blowjob party at notoriuos …

TIMSuck Exclusive Scene: Pete Summers & Dean Brody


Dean Brody has a mammoth dick. In fact, he has the sort of dick that could easily choke a lesser man (and has, we might add). For this update, however, we decided to pair Dean’s monstrous cock with a man proven on handling a heavy schlong, queue Pete Summers.

Pete doesn’t even appear to bat an eyelid …

TIMFuck Exclusive Scene: Rocco Steele & Ben Statham


This week’s TIMFuck exclusive scene is a treat. Brought to you by director Liam Cole, hung powerhouse Rocco Steele takes on hungry bottom Ben Statham.

Rocco Steele has fucked a lot of bottoms in his porn career, however, he may have finally met his match in Brit pig Ben – who fucks him back, just as hard. Set in …

I AM: Jack Darling

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 5.27.53 PM

Jack Darling is one SICK fuck. You can watch him in “Breeding Season 3” & on TIMFUCK now, and there’s much more to come. Read more about Jack in this exclusive interview.  If you’re a sick fuck, go HERE and apply now!

DICE: So, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
JACK DARLING: I’m a thirty year old gay nerd living in Seattle and enjoying …

TIMSuck Exclusive Scene: Daniel Johnson & Grant Adler


We were ecstatic when we were told that straight UK bloke Daniel Johnson had agreed to get his first blowjob from a guy. When we scanned the floor, Grant Adler was happy to step up to the cock-sucking challenge.

You can tell that Daniel is doing his best not to respond to Grant’s hungry mouth – but evidently a man’s dick …

TIMFuck Exclusive: Abraham & Dice


It is no secret that Paul Morris is a Master of spotting the insatiable hunger that lives inside all men. When he discovered that these two men, Abraham and Dice, had been pounding it out for years behind closed doors, he demanded that Damon capture it on video.

The progression of this scene quickly highlights how quickly Abraham and Dice fall …

LUST: Volume 1


LUST: Volume 1
Paul Morris introduces the lost and unreleased scenes from the past. Lust is a collection of newly discovered scenes from the Treasure Island Media archives.
Deep in the dusty raiders of the lost ark TIM treasure chest video vault we found several hard drives that had a ton of unreleased footage on them. You won’t believe what was unearthed …

TIMJack Exclusive Scene: Lukas Cipriani


Some boys like to take loads. Lukas Cipriani is one of those guys.

The fact that they have a load in their ass is their obsession. It gets them hard and it makes them jizz. At the point in time that this scene begins, Lukas has literally just been impaled by Esteban. His cum is deep in his ass.

Immediately after …

TIMSuck Exclusive Scene: A Tale Of Two Cousins


When Adam had mentioned to us in an interview that he has been fooling around with his younger cousin Jacob for years, we naturally asked if we could film them sometime. Adam’s reply was, “Sure!”

Knowingly from that cheeky “sure,” his macabre grin, we finally got to see these two go at it this week. It did not disappoint. Sure enough, …

TIMFuck Exclusive Scene: Half Baked


Let me just start by saying that Ashton Ducati is gold. Acapulco GOLD!
Ashton is a massive stoner, who loves to show off his equally massive cock. We met this guy online and so thought it’d be a great idea to invite him over – we were right. He came over to smoke some weed, everything was great, …

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