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BamaBarecub reached out to us last week seeking to get marked with the “Built To Fuck” logo. Of course we said yes to the bear cub so he made an appointment and submitted these pictures. If you’re ready for the Marked Man Challenge APPLY HERE! We’ll pay for your tat and send you a box of swag to boot. 
This bear cub from Huntsville …

MORRIS MARKED MEN || SeffyPup aka PiggyPup

Seth aka SeffyPup aka PiggyPup reached out to us on Twitter last week seeking to get a “Built To Fuck” tattoo. Who could say no to a cute puppy like this? He immediately went out to get inked like the eager slutty puppy he is. If you’re ready for the Marked Man Challenge APPLY HERE!
Seth wanted to become a marked man …

From The Vault: Stream Bones For Cumpuppy Free on!

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Running Time: 81 minutes
Released:   08/2002
Director:   Paul Morris 
Description:   Paul Morris loves a challenge, so when a young man called Cumpuppy told Paul he’d never been able to get as much hot cum as he needed, we flew him to San Francisco. To test his cum-swallowing …


Note: We received this email from Joseph in New Haven recently about how his life has changed over the last year since getting his TIM tattoo! If you are interested in becoming a Marked Man
Over the last 12 months, I have learned that the more I accept, the easier my life becomes.  I love sex and see nothing …


KEN is the second known TIM Stud to get our logo inked on his taint (the first being DICE of course). Ken added his own touch of creativity with the sperm however, this is no mistaking that he’s the ultimate pig! This proud barebacker got his work done at Tattoo Studio Hibiki and plainly states that he wants to be “Under …

Ginger Stud James Jamesson’s Gets Photoshopped on Tumblr

Paul Morris has been obsessed with men, their bodies and sex, all his life. Most people know him for his work as the producer of the hottest bareback porn and founder of a cult brand. However, he is also a fine art photographer who shoots men (to see his work check out his Flickr). Recently, it came to our attention …

Paul’s Scathing Commentary to a BAR Reporter about AB 1576

John Karr  of the Bay Area Reporter recently emailed Paul Morris asking “What is the impact of AB 1576 on TIM?”
Paul’s Response:
The cowardice of companies like BAR in refusing to acknowledge the realities of sex among men
has saddened me for a long while. As a writer for BAR you’ve been complicit in this truly shameful
and damaging censorship. You’ve behaved like …

Paul Morris’ Marked Men || Jonnny

UK pig Jonny is such a TIM fan he didn’t even wait to get official approval before going out and marking his chest for life with our logo. He simply sent in this hot picture of himself proudly showing his tattoo off and telling himself that he will be “proud to show it off.”
Jonny got his ink down at Red …


Please welcome Mykel to the cult of Paul Morris’ Marked Men. Mykel is a furry pup from Pennsylvania who wrote to us pleading with us to join the stable/dog house of marked men. Mykel says that he has “been a HUGE fan” of ours since he encountered our work “many, many, many years ago”. Sure enough he went through with the TIM …

RISK AND UTOPIA A Dialogue on Pornography

RISK AND UTOPIA A Dialogue on Pornography
Paul Morris and Susanna Paasonen
In his 1977 essay “Entertainment and Utopia,” the film scholar Richard Dyer maps the utopian sensibilities of entertainment. For Dyer, the point of entertain- ment is to present “what utopia would feel like” and to provide solutions to social tensions, inadequacies, and absences experienced in everyday life.1 The utopian promise …

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