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T.I.M. News and Events

Weighing In On The Eternal Debate of Cut vs. Uncut, What Do You Prefer?

uncut dicks are sexy


It’s a debate I’m sure you have an opinion on, the eternal debate of cut vs. uncut.

While American born men, and those in Jewish and Muslim regions, are frequently snipped at birth it is much less uncommon outside the States. The UK for example, has uncut cocks in spades. It’s no coincidence that Liam Cole’s soon-to-be-released bareback fuck film is titled LONDON UNCUT!

Many gay men sing the praises of uncut cocks. What is it about the uncut dick that so many men can’t resist? Is it the extra skin to play with, the increased sensitivity, or perhaps the aroma it tends to gather in its hood? The topic has become a heated debate that seems to center around whether or not it is an unnecessary assault on baby boys who cannot make up their own mind about the matter yet.

Circumcision has been linked to erectile dysfunction and decreased sensitivity in some studies while others point to a decreased risk in HIV transmission in circumcised men. Many scientists say that circumcision can provide protection from HIV in men because the inner surface of the foreskin — which is removed during circumcision — has a large concentration of a type of white blood cell that HIV might use to enter the body. Well, maybe by a sliver, but other techniques, including PrEP, condoms, and open discussion are much more effective in preventing the transmission of HIV.

Still, some guys simply have a personal preference for the way cut dicks look. At least in the United States, many guys are simply more accustomed to the way circumcised penises look due to what they see in the locker room. For those guys seeking uncircumcised dicks in America, Florida, California, New York, and New Mexico lead the pack in the uncut department. The basic rule of mushroom: If you’re into uncut guys, move someplace with more of men of color.

Antonio Biaggi Treasure Island Media Uncut Dick

Antonio Biaggi boasts a huge uncut latin dick!

VICE has published an article titled “How To Suck An Uncut Cock” which outlines how to go down on someone with “Canadian Bacon”. Author Brian Moylan suggests that you can “grip really hard and work the skin” unlike a circumcised dick. The article also suggests “Start by putting your tongue in it and rolling around in it. That drives guys crazy.”

Of course, every penis is different and whether someone is cut or uncut, they have different sensitivity levels. Remember to communicate with your partner to find out what specifically turns them on.

When it comes to the circumcision debate everyone seems to have an opinion. What do you prefer — uncut or cut guys, and why?

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