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Paul, Damon and Liam

Paul Morris is at it again, photographing perfect asses. This is the latest, and my favourite so far.

Damon Dogg has uploaded a whole load of new videos shot at a recent performance with his band Sick Wolf. You can see them here.

And I’ve been shooting a lot of hot porn, which I can’t post here yet because I want to save it up until I have a whole video’s worth. So in the mean time, here’s some more doodles I’ve been doing while the porn is transferring from my camera to my computer.

2 thoughts on “Paul, Damon and Liam

  1. Liam Cole Reply

    No worries. The shoots went great, a lot of insanely hot stuff happened, so it's too bad you missed out on being there.

    Next time. 🙂

  2. Christian Knox Reply

    Sorry I cudnt make it 2 any of the shoots matey, but am glad ur shoulder is better. Heres hoping 4 another time! Cant wait 2 see what u shot. X

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