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Damon Dogg UnleashedHEADLINES

Sick Wolf show with Damon Dogg

The one and only Damon Dogg (seen above, relaxing) will be performing live with his band Sick Wolf, on December 3rd 2009 (that’s tomorrow) 9pm at The Eagle Tavern in San Francisco. Damon is as skilled and enthusiastic about his music as he is with his cocksucking, so it’s guaranteed to be a great show.

More about Sick Wolf here, including music to hear.

2 thoughts on “Sick Wolf show with Damon Dogg

  1. Liam Cole Reply

    With Damon, there's really no knowing when or whether his cock will come out. Ask nicely and he may well oblige, or at the very least he'll decline charmingly.

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