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Exclusive Cory Koons Interviewed by 365Gay Blog

Our exclusive model Cory Koons was interviewed for a piece currently running at In his interview Cory mentions that he crafted his video persona to be “a tough, fearless, ethnically ambiguous, smart-ass slut bottom. I wanted to present something that didn’t fit into a category. […] I wanted to expand the definition of what is considered sexy, or what is considered profitable enough to place on the cover of DVDs.”

His choice to bareback is a defiant response to an industry that quickly moves on once a performer is no longer seen as a “must have” commodity. It’s also a a reaction against what he sees as a gay cultural moment that is trying too hard for acceptance.

This is what Cory had to say:

“Let’s not forget this business chews up and spits out lots of beautiful guys. I am a huge believer in taking responsibility for your actions. I also believe in the freedom to express one’s sexuality, and my natural sexuality is much better expressed by Treasure Island Media.”

Cory, we are so glad that you are part of the T.I.M. stud-stable. Keep up the good work!

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