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Ian Jay jerks off to FULL TILT

It’s always good to hear that someone’s enjoying my videos, especially when that person is a seasoned fuckaholic like Ian Jay (pictured above and below).

Ian has posted a great review of FULL TILT on his blog here, saying “I have found my new favorite porn flick”. That’s some seriously high praise coming from the star cum-dump of BONE DEEP, FUCK HOLES 2, and of course BREEDING IAN JAY. This is the guy who was on the receiving end of the notorious 1000 Load Fuck, so if anyone knows hot man-fucking when he sees it, then Ian should.

Thanks Ian, you hot fucker and inspiration to pig bottoms everywhere!

Here’s some of my favourite pictures of the man in action.

5 thoughts on “Ian Jay jerks off to FULL TILT

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Ian Jay is a very nice body good looking and realyy "into" it (see him fuckd by Dan kisk in breeding Ian Jay ) one of teh hottest scenes


  2. ArtsyPoloGuy90 Reply

    Having sex the way it was intended. I love it.

    When I study abroad next year in good ole' London town, I'll definitely be hitting you up.

  3. Liam Cole Reply

    Thanks CoutureNeger!

    Just been reading more on Ian's blog, and he's such a down-to-earth nice guy, with his music interests and all. Makes me even more of a fan.

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