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TIM Marked Man – JOE

Joe is a horndog from the UK


“I’m a huge TIM fan,” says Joe. “I wanted the stamp as it is, where it is, so men on the receiving end of my cock have a good idea about what they are letting themselves in for. I’m the type of guy who likes to fuck not fuck about, so why not be part of the TIM fraternity and be proud to show it?”

Joe got his stamp in the UK at:

Family First Tattoo Studio

8 Dyer Lane


East Riding of Yorkshire


01482 881818

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Want to get the TIM stamp yourself? It’s simple. Grab your nuts, download the tattoo logo, and find an ink-slinger to help you take the T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge!

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21 thoughts on “TIM Marked Man – JOE

  1. JoeUK Reply

    JoeUK • 6 hours ago −
    Fuck, what an awesome daddyfucker Bodybuilder is on Auls new photo pofile . he would make in one of your epic fuck projects . He should be my prize when. Get my Fucktards ink … What you think Lads grrrrr joeUK

  2. JoeUK Reply

    JoeUK • 6 hours ago −
    Fuck, have you seen the pics of Paul’s ‘Bodyduilder’ what an awesome daddyfucker he would make in one of your epic fuck projects . He should be my prize when i Get my Fucktards ink … What you think Lads grrrrr joeUK

  3. JoeUK Reply

    Perhaps any guyz reading this could give me some feedback on what they think of the images and take. Look at my ink already on the TIM community site , and suggest where these beauties the ink linger should apply his talent on my body …. Where do you do you lads in the stable thing they should be stamped , and you professional studs, your feedback would be appreciated Liam Mitch Greg and all he other inked men. JoeUK

  4. JoeUK Reply

    Hey lads

    JoeUK here, already a TIM Marked man, but really appreciate the FUCKTARDS artwork and think it would really Translate to a great fine line tattoo

    So can you send me a template so I get get my arse into gear and get he work done ?

    I’m also going I incorporate the fuck roulette chip into the design too, so the same request applies

    I’ll obviously send you pics of the work like before

    Not sure if there’s a ‘prize’ available but I’m sure if there is, Paul and the teams generosity will come good

    I’m good to go to my local tattooist, but wondered if you’ve managed to secure. ZuK tattooist o your Stable as per your requests on the site

    Keeping it Nasty fellas

  5. JoeUK Reply

    This new layout ot the web age is Awsome , I get a chance to be on TOP of TIMs very own Trevor Hawkes. Who could see that happening ? is it good for YOU Trevor lol . joeUK

  6. JoeUK Reply

    Well, Charlie ‘knocked one out’ after discovering the pandoras box of pornography, that’s probably more realistic and less oppressives than the disgusting homophobic, judgmental and often bizzar material The Daily Mail shits out ( Diana is Dead. Get over it, some people are Gay, get over it, some people need Welfare Benefit, get over it, and teenage boys (and girls) masterbate, fuck and go on to lead positive lives and achieve their ambitions, so get over it.) Blaming the porn contributors, producers, or even the Internet is not the answer, nor is blaming the laptop and the electricity that powers it or the printing press that allows us to read it ( just like we coud the Daily Mail) so lets get back to basics, a wanks is a wank and is as old as father time or mother time itself. Look a bit deeper to problem solve issues surrounding behavior which may need explanation , but remember when your pointing the finger of blame,,,’One finger forward, three fingers back’

  7. JoeUK Reply

    Hey studs. I’m obviously already a TIM marked man, but in a position now where I won’t to extend my inks to incorporate the fuck roulette wheel/chip image.
    Am I going mad? Or was the once an image on the site of the chip at an angle, like it was spinning?
    As part of future ink work, I’m going to have both of the SDSTW logo’s and see how they develop. Keep it Nasty. JoeUk

  8. StigSexPig Reply

    Would live to see this Brit bloke taking a good hot load from Peto Coast, while he is London. Or giving Cristian Knox the benefit of his British cock or why not a Hot spit roast ?

  9. Stud muffin Reply

    Awsome fucking tatts, would love to see the TIM stamp an inch from my face, racing towards my open mouth, while that horn dog cock fucks my throat. Any more British inked lads about?

  10. JoeUK Reply

    JoeUK says:
    April 11, 2012 at 2:46 am
    Great that TIM is going to Team Up Doug the Soldier Stud with Stud Maguire for Sucker Boot Camp. . If I remember, he wanted a few lads in Ski Masks, well, I for one would love to be in the team of student recruits for that event. What are the chances of you guys getting Liam Cole to get a Brit Team to do the Same ? Balls in your court fellas . Joe UK keep it nasty

  11. JoeUK Reply

    It’s time to get the stamp expanded. Thinking about the TIM spilled spunk skull, which usually red, either side of this one and also a few spinning fuck roulette chips as if hy are being tossed in the air. What do you think ? Joe UK

  12. Ozcot Reply

    Ozcot says:
    April 6, 2012 at 11:44 pm the entry has now been written properly ( sorry guyz)
    I just love his fucking stamp . I can imaging it pumping arse and every time it pounds against the ass of the bttm, l bet the bottom sees that skull russhing towards . Then burying its Orr inspiring face, in the greedy hole , as if eating the ass out then finally getting it full face Covered in manfat. Mmmmm : ozcot

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  13. Ozcot Reply

    I just love his fucking stamp . I can imaging it pumping arse advert time it pounds against the ass of the bttm, it like I bet the bottom sees that skull burying it Orr inspiring face eting sy at he ass, finally getting it full face Coverdale in manfat. Mmmmm : ozcot

  14. Joe UK Reply

    I wonder what Brad MaGuire thinks of my Awsome tattoo.-all I won’t now if i could get im him to give me a really good fucking, then autograph my butt cheeks n permanent marker, so I can get to the tattooist to get it inked on my ass , as if he’s really stamped his mark on me . What do You think? Guyz? Brad? Paul? Liam? Max? Chris?

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