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PAUL’S PHOTOS || Acolyte

He has a fine serious intensity about him.  He’s been living in the tropics but is back in San Francisco for a while.  He’s one of my favorite cocksuckers.


The man getting sucked was exhausted: he was up all night at the hospital with his wife.  She was giving birth to his third son.  He hadn’t slept for two days. The guy getting sucked was exhausted, but the cocksucker was fine with that.  He loved slowly licking that over-full ballsac.


Cocksucker’s bliss.


He felt the jets of semen at the back of his throat.  He kept the cock in his mouth while swallowing.

Afterward, he wouldn’t stop kissing, licking and smelling. The man being sucked–a married father of three boys–obviously enjoyed being worshiped by another man. But all he said was “I needed that.”


You can see more photos of the guy getting sucked—there are a few of him under “Soldier“. A very intense more-or-less straight man.



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