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FROM THE VAULT || What I Can’t See 2

Released: 12/2006

Director: Paul Morris

Featured Men: Fyerfli, Jerry Stearns, Steve Parker, Bo Knight, Jay Taylor, Ethan Sexxtin, Danny (m),  Austin Shadow, Dan Fisk, Rob Jax, Christian (TIM), Dean Austin, Jeremy Oliver.

Description: What’s your ultimate fuck fantasy? A handsome young preacher begged us to blindfold him and let a crowd of men fill him with sperm. A man “out cold” gets his ass juiced up by a daddy stud. A fucked up young surfer backs his fine ass up to a glory hole to take loads from strangers. And that’s just the beginning!

Review: What I can’t see vol2 is another notch in the Paul Morris belt of unusual art house porn. The setup for this installment, in what is now a series, hinges on Paul Morris answering the letter of an Indiana preacher who wanted to be blindfolded and fucked for the first time. Of course one cock won’t do so twenty are lined up to pound this preacher’s tight ass.

The glory hole chapters are pretty standard faire. Paul accompanies a friend to a bookstore in order to film him ass up to a glory hole. The action is intense, and not knowing who is doing the fucking makes it even hotter.

Offering another random setup Ethan Sexxtin fucks an avid fan while his parents are in the next room. For those of you who have not seen Ethan before you are in for a treat; this guy has the thickest uncut cock I’ve ever seen, and knows just how to use it. As if that wasn’t enough, Ethan’s friend joins the impromptu party and a hot threesome ensues.

What I Can’t See vol2 offers fans of the first film more hot and intriguing action. I appreciated the update to the series, it felt less like art film and more like a porn flick. People who have viewed the first one know what I’m talking about.

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