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03-14-13 TIMSuck Exclusive Scene || DAMON DOGG Gets Blown

This week we delved into our archive to give you a classic T.I.M. suck scene with a twist: this one features infamous bonehound Damon Dogg actually GETTING blown! As a cameraman, Damon had seen Will in action several times and finally couldn’t take it any longer–he had to test the cocksucker’s skills directly. Jumping at the chance to show off, Will feasted worshipfully on Damon’s meat, alternately nursing on the tip and inhaling the Dogg’s cock down to the root.

By the time Damon lets loose and spatters Will’s tongue, feeding the cumpig gobs of his goo, he’s more than satisfied that Will really is as good as he looks. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris WATCH THIS HOT ACTION EXCLUSIVELY AT

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