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FROM THE VAULT || Skull Fuck


Director: Paul Morris

Featured Men: Damon Dogg, Zack, Rick, Kaleb Scott, Craig, Stallion, Cole, Dan Fisk, Tim Skyler, James Roscoe, Paul Stag, Scout, Klep, Keer, Brandt, Joey Dingo, Kona, Skeet, Rashad, Max, Devon, Bed-Head Ned, Dr. Kaos, Ion The Lion, Javin “The Python” Congo, Mr. Flexx, Mud The Pudsucker, Punyboy Hal, Phoenix Sanchez, Rudy, Danny.

Description: A true homage to the act of full oral submission, Skull Fuck holds a place in history as one of the roughest swallow films ever produced by Treasure Island Media. Paul Morris has put together some of the most insatiable cum-guzzlers, each ready to service as much cock as they can with their talented mouths, and tight throats. Rock-hard tops fuck the anxious mouths of submissive-suckers as they gag their way to a man-batter reward. This is one for the truly devout Treasure Island Media followers who know how to fulfill their most animalistic needs.

Review: Full oral submission is taken to an art form at Treasure Island Media. Skull Fuck is one of the roughest videos to come out of this studio, and if you know TIM, that is saying a lot. The eager throats being used in this video are devoted cock suckers willing to suck dick at any cost. It is epic in scope with 14 separate hardcore sucking scenes and running the gamut of all cock sucking scenarios to ever find itself in one collection.

All of TIM’s best men are present – from cock-hungry James Roscoe taking on a huge cock to greedy jizz-slurping Damon Dogg sucking down on uncut British dick. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Many of the familiar men at TIM get some serious face fucking action and even piss-junkie Kaleb Scott is thrown in for good measure. Glory holes, bedrooms, and sex clubs serve as the backdrop for these intense oral sessions and the copious amounts of cum reach the gallon marks that gets spilled, or should we say sucked up experts and amateurs alike. 

Throw in a little watersports and some rough mouth-raping and you get the gist of what Skull Fuck is all about. Favorite leather daddies such as Dan Fisk are on hand to lend their big tools to the mix. One of the surprising things about this release is the amount of young studs taking over the cock sucking action in the video. If TIM is getting ready to introduce a handful of new pups to their impressive roster of studs, then we’re eager to find out how well they handle a throat fuck!


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