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FROM THE VAULT || Damon Blows America 6: NYC


Director: Damon Dogg

Featured Men: Damon Dogg, Christian, Miles Long, Will West, Rick Leon, Jonathan Blue, Little Joe, T.J. Scott, Tony, Ryan, Kirk, Brett Kaysen, Josh Porter, Buck James, Jason Croft, Chris Jenkins, Jakob Fox, Jake Masden, Steed, Marc Andrews, Mac, Kurt Kaiser, Donato, Joshua, Reynolds, Antonio Chimera, Sean Durand, Anon Guy 2, Anon Guy 3, Asoka, Bryan Hanson. 

Description: America’s favorite cock-hound, Damon Dogg, takes on the Big Apple! He sucks and swallows some of the biggest, fattest, juiciest boners ever, leaving his lil’ belly full of hot NYC jizz. With cumshot compilation and an extra special day trip section to Palm Springs where Damon and his buddy suck off dudes at a resort, this is the hottest and most cock-filled episode yet.

Review: America’s happiest and most eager-to-please cocksucking cum-hound DAMON DOGG hits the road again, in his already-legendary quest to suck the cocks of as many men in the U.S.A. as possible and to swallow down their hot mouth-filling spooge…

In this brand-new episode, our intrepid hound sniffs out New York City and outdoes himself – sucking off more big drippin’ dicks than ever before.

To get himself primed for the Big Apple, Damon decided to warm up his famous cocksucking talent with a road trip to Palm Springs. In Palm Springs, Damon finds so much beautiful cock he just can’t wait to get down on his knees and do what comes natural. Damon meets up with the likes of hung daddy Will West, hairy stud Rick Leon, lean tattoo’d Jacob Fox and more. After swallowing down all the hot loads he can handle, the Dogg feels rarin’ and ready to take on the cocksmen of New York.

Treasure Island’s New York director Max Sohl has a big spermy surprise waiting for the Dogg. Max has been collecting fresh jizz-loads from a bunch of Damon’s N.Y.C. fans and freezing them into little cum-cubes. When Max serves Damon a soft-drink chilled with enough frozen jizz to start a sperm bank, Damon’s eyes light up and he slurps down ALL the spermy drink.

Then on to a “Feed the Dogg” PARTY: a roomful of hot horny men – all intent on emptying their big full balls down the throat of one willing Dogg. Lean skate-punk Christian joins in to help service the horny spunked-up group of studs, sharing cocks and cum with the Dogg.

Then it’s back to the hotel, where Damon and Christian suck the cum out of muscle stud Kurt Kaiser and super-hung Josh Porter. And every drop is lapped up. Damon then takes on Joshua Reynolds, a too-cute twink with a fat ol’ uncut swingin’ dick way WAY too big for a lad his size. You can tell that Damon really puts his heart into sucking off and satisfying this hot young stud.

And afterward, with Joshua’s thick cream in his belly and on his face, Damon thanks the cum-drained stud by giving him one of his DAMON DOGG temporary tattoos. 

And there’s much more in this volume of “DAMON BLOWS AMERICA”. Point of fact, the Dogg sucks off way more studs than ever before – setting a personal record for loads swallowed in one trip, this is without a doubt THE MOST CUM-DRIPPING SPERM-SOAKED ADVENTURE DAMON DOGG has ever had. “DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 6: New York and Palm Springs” is Damon’s most awesome and cum-filled yet.

If you’re a fan of the Dogg, you’ll want this one for your collection. If you’ve never seen Damon in action before, this is one great place to start!

– Paul Morris

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