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Run Time: 137 minutes
Released: 10/2010
Director: Paul Morris
Description: Treasure Island Media’s topman Dan Fisk and his big dick and big loadsare legendary. His cock brings a lot of pleasure to many men. Whether they suck Dan’s dick or get fucked by him, men always come away satisfied, cum-filled, and happy. This compilation of Dan’s best scenes from TIM is one of the hottest compilations to come out of this studio. One of the highlights of this DVD features a young 19-year-old Sky. At first Sky is a little shy about sucking dick in front of the camera. But the connection between the two men takes over and by the end, he is giving Dan the best blowjob he will ever give on camera.
This two-disc collection, Dan proves himself a true fuck legend. If you’re a fan of Dan’s work, these scenes are sure to leave you more than satisfied. You get to see Dan in a suit as he feeds his dick to a willing cock-hungry stud. You get to watch Dan pound ass like a pro. No matter what he ends up doing, you know that in the end, that big load of Dan-juice will be working its way down someone’s hungry throat.
Review: The first DVD is all oral scenes, and the second DVD is fucking and oral scenes. I love T.I.M’s films, so of course I had to snatch this DVD when I saw it. I was actually a little disappointed overall. The best part of the DVD wasn’t Dan Fisk. The bottoms or other Tops that are in this DVD were actually hotter to watch. I thought I had liked Dan Fisk in what I had seen before, but this DVD has changed my mind. I guess sometimes legends should stay just that, legends.The best part of Dan Fisk in these clips were his cum shots. Guys were slurping up his jizz and taking it in the ass. There was one scene in this DVD that had a great angle showing some balls-deep, fucking, but that was more the exception. I guess a lot of what I don’t like is that Dan doesn’t have the same traits that many of the other tops have. His dick isn’t that big and he doesn’t make up for it with the way he fucks. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE OF THIS REVIEW
Featured Men:  Dan Fisk || Marcus || Christian || Sky ||  Andre Barclay || Skeet || Keer || Beef || Brad ||Davis || Zach || Jerry Stearns || Jason || Alex || Ian Jay 



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