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I AM:Rolling With Dice


There are Treasure Island Media fans and then there is Dice. You probably recognize the back of his head as the cover of Bad Seed, but there is more to this sexy fucker than just some cool ink. A lifelong pig, Dice has lived more in his twentysomething years than men twice his age. He has some interesting things to say, so listen sharp! You can contact Dice online via Twitter or Instagram @DiceInPDXXX

Julian: Hey Dice. How was your weekend?

Dice: It was great! Chris Perry came up to visit, so we had a good time!

J: Haha, yeah, I saw those pictures in the e-mail. You and Chris looked hot.

D: Thanks!

Chris Perry, Dice

J: So, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

D: Yeah. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I even have a bird tattoo, like the “Put a bird on it” sketch from Portlandia. I work at a bathhouse here in the city. I’ve worked in porn and around the sex industry since I was 18 years old. I’ve been a stripper, I was a DJ at a straight strip club for a few years, which was interesting. The people there were wild and crazy nice. I’ve lived a lot, being as young as I am. Now I’m not as much of a partier. I call those years my Drew Barrymore phase. I did a lot of things backwards.

J: How did you get started working in porn?

D: The first time I did porn I was 18 or 19 years old. I got hit up on Manhunt. From there I went into stripping and DJing, and I did porn a little bit on the side. Then two years ago I applied to a couple of different places. My number one choice was Treasure Island. They contacted me, and from there I interviewed with Pony.

J: So you’ve been working in porn for a few years now. Did you always do bareback porn, or was there a progression from condoms into bareback?

D: I’ve never really used condoms, not even in my personal life. From 13 on up to now was almost always bareback. From playing around in bathroom stalls on. I have never filmed a condom scene in porn. I figured I should shoot sex the way I preferred to have it.

J: Was porn something that you were always interested in doing growing up? A lot of people just fall into it.

D: I always wanted to do porn when younger. There used to be a place called Fantasy Video here in Portland, which was an adult video store. People, performers, actors would go there to do signings and things. I think Damon Dogg is originally from Portland, and used to strip, and worked at an adult video store. Hearing stories about these people makes you want to follow your heroes. The first porn that I saw was Treasure Island porn.

J: And how did you get the name Dice?

D: Dice is a name I had from back when I started stripping and DJing. I have a few tattoos, and when I was first starting out stripping one of the dancers noticed that I had a star tattooed on my wrist. He suggested that I should call myself “Super Star,” but I hated that. I have another tattoo of a pair of dice, so I decided to call myself “Dice.” And the name just carried on to everything from there. Even my family and friends call me Dice now.

J: What’s the appeal of barebacking to you?

D: It’s just more raw and real, literally and metaphorically. It’s fucking hot to have a guy’s load oozing from your hole.

J: Treasure Island has a lot of fans, but you went even above and beyond the most hardcore fans. You have the TIM logo on your taint and the Bad Seed cover is a shot of your head tattoo. Tell me about those tattoos.

D: The Bad Seed tattoo is a pretty simple story. Pony called me and asked me if I would do it. I agreed without even hesitating. Originally it was a choice between my head and abs. Obviously we chose my head, and I’ve kept my head shaved since.

The taint tattoo a better story. Before I did my first scene with Treasure Island, I asked Pony about getting a tattoo for marked men. I told him I that I wanted it on my taint. Pony told Paul; Paul loved the idea, which only made me want it even more. I figured that if I was going to do something like that then I might as well do it where no one else has it.

Dice Taint

J: Oh god, that must have been painful!

D: The tattoos were painful as hell. But I’m known for being the best at taking it, as Chris [Perry] found out this weekend.

J: What are some of your hobbies outside of porn?

D: I work a lot. I work full time at a bathhouse. I really enjoy going to the gym. I do that 5 days a week. But I don’t really go out too much anymore. I’m a young guy but I’m old. I try to be low key. I definitely still know how to have fun, and even more so now that I’m sober.

J: Can I ask you about your drug use?

D: Sure thing.

J: How did you get into that world?

D: My family. A lot of them did drugs, so I grew up around it. I grew up in an environment where that was okay. I spent a lot of time in foster care, state custody. I was abused and molested. I used to do drugs with my uncle. My dad paid my rent, and basically everything was given to me. The thing about my family is that we’ve all lived our lives in front of each other. They know everything that I’ve done and that I’m doing, and they’re supportive. They’re glad that I’m doing things better now. I guess that I just had to learn to live.

J: And what was it that pulled you back?

D: It wasn’t just one thing. I think that the thing that sticks out in my mind, though, is this one time. I went crazy for a while. Like beyond Britney-Spears-shaving-her-head crazy. One night I showed up at my mom’s house at, like, 3 AM because I thought that my heart had stopped, even though it obviously hadn’t. I was just so convinced. That was mostly what made me realize I needed to change. I stayed with my sister for a little while, as I was getting better. During all that time a few of my family members went to jail, and my mom sobered up. It put a lot of things in perspective for me. These days I barely drink, I don’t smoke, I haven’t smoked pot in three years. I went from a person who did everything to a person who does nothing.

J: And you mentioned that you can have more fun now that you are sober. How is that?

D: It’s really more of a mind thing. Like, what I tell myself what I can and cannot do. I don’t know if you know who Don Miguel Ruiz is, but I read a lot of his books. It’s all very self help. He teaches you to re-learn things from when you’re younger but forget as you grow up, or, in my case, things I never learned. I learned to push beyond boundaries I had in mind, and that spilled over into my sex. I’m more adventurous now. My life has just improved generally now that I’m sober.

J: How do you feel about the idea that porn has an obligation to show safe sex?

D: The short of it is that I believe in each person’s right to choose what they do and what they don’t do. Life is all about choices and about being honest about those choices. A lot of people will have sex with me, raw, and in other groups talk about how they always use condoms. It’s hypocritical. People are afraid to admit things, because we have built such an environment of fear about the truth. That’s one reason I’m very open about a lot of things.

J: Do you think that bareback porn has a part to play in breaking down what Paul calls “the HIV closet”?

D: I think it’s a way to show the real meaning of sex. There are tons of people who say they don’t bareback ever, and it’s like holding yourself back from real sex. Bareback porn really shows the viewpoint of real and raw sex. We’re not covered up by a condom. We don’t deny ourselves that pleasure from sex. Most of the scene comes out when the orgasm does.

As for condoms in porn and the HIV closet, I feel like it’s just a temporary fix. If you keep a bandage on something, it’s not always going to heal, you need to get some air on it at some point.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed, Dice

J: Can you tell me about Hawks PDX and what it offers to the gay community of Portland?

D: We’re a gay sex club. We have a steam room, three swing areas, we’re very diverse. All sorts of different guys, we cater to everybody. We’re a place for people to come and have their fun, do what they want to do without having to worry about what other people think. We have the greatest owners and very friendly staff. We throw monthly parties, different sorts of fetish parties so that we can really include everyone in the Portland gay scene.

J: What’s your favorite thing about Portland?

D: You know, I lived here most of my life. I love the city, but I think I’ve reached the point where I need to leave. I lived in SoCal for a few years, which was great. I’m considering moving to San Francisco or Las Vegas soon.

Here in Portland, though? My favorite thing is just being around my family. I love my family. The weather is nice, too. It rains a lot, but there’s also a good amount of sun. I love my work and my co-workers. We’ve become very close, like a second family. Also, this city is very diverse.

J: What turns you on in a man

D: I like dick. Dark hair and dark eyes. Guys who are dominant and can show me who’s in charge. I’ve been learning how submissive I am the the last few years. I showed you in those e-mails that I got loaded up by Chris and his friends. They filled me up with piss, which was hot. I like being told what to do.

J: What’s a major turn off?

D: I’m not picky when it comes to sex. Like I said, I love cock. I would say that if anything is a turnoff, it’s a guy that doesn’t know what he wants.

37 thoughts on “I AM: DICE

  1. chuck Reply

    My husband and I love you fucking blog! Can’t wait for his birthday :p. He wants 53 guys to breed him for his 53rd birthday.

    I got my first raw load when I was 12 and couldn’t stop having sex after that

  2. Cesar Magno Reply

    Really nice interview. I think Dice is very sexy and hot and he knows how to play sex. I love his tattoos too! I am pretty sure he must look amazing breeding a muscle bubble butt in a movie

  3. Togadude Reply

    Dice is such a hot guy, as anyone can see by looking at him. But his honesty and realness make him extra hot

  4. Bishan Samaddar Reply

    Really good, straightforward, confident interview. I agree with so many things you say. Catch you on video sometime soon. And perhaps in real in Portland.

  5. vtmedicnurse Reply

    Hey stud. I’ve always been a TIM fan but have a reason to be a bigger one now!! Can’t wait to get home from work and download your films! Woof! Great addition Paul and the boys!

  6. pozcorebuzz Reply

    Great interview and it was awesome walking into Hawks PDX tonight and seeing you working. Can’t wait to see more of you in some films

  7. CenturyRider Reply

    I respect a man who is honest and courageous. Dice is definitely that kind of man; I appreciate his candor. Great interview.

  8. jockcock35 Reply

    True and honest interview. Clearly a sexy young man beyond his years. Glad to hear he’s chosen the sober path.

  9. Daniel Russell Reply

    Thanks for a very interesting and honest interview, Dice. I have always enjoyed, and got very hard, while watching your videos. I feel I know you much better now that I have read your interview. I particularly appreciate your honesty in discussing your views on raw sex. For me, too, bareback is the most enjoyable way to have sex. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  10. walt Reply

    Dice is an amazing BB GOD. He is the most erotic and open minded man in BB porn. I love his upfront no guilt or remorse attitude about sex and the fact he started young in loving homosexuality is great and the fact he is red hot makes him a king among breeders. He brings a free spirit to BB porn and all it entails. It would be an honor for any breeder to be bred and seeded by him and his sexual attitude is the best. Dice ou are the BOMB! You make those who see you relish in your eros and nudity. Keep up the great work and keep breeding!

  11. Yurek Reply

    My friend, this is an amazing interview, I immediately feel hot. I appreciate your honesty about sex, tattoos and porn. I admire you and respect you. for honesty and words of hope. you have a wonderful approach to life and sex, especially on barenback, tattoos, piss and cum.

  12. BIG AL Reply

    GREAT interview. Was fucking hard when I was done reading it. Cannot wait to meet Dice. As an older daddy I an excited and cannot wait for him to fill me up!!

  13. kyle Reply

    Wow, bro that was an incredible interview, made me a little hot. It takes someone very dedicated to speak so open and freely about what they want, i could tell that you are very confident and sure of what you wont, i admire that.. And especially to get those tattoos, ouch!! You gave me hope, and to accept who I am, thank you for you raw and honest interview. I hope to be seeing more of Dice. I want to play the game 😉

  14. Chris Reply

    Since I know Dice personally, I can say that everything he said here is
    very genuine and honest. He is a very sweet guy….who also loves to
    fuck. What can I say? Who can blame him. I want to be a porn star too. I
    hope your career goes very far.

  15. Matt Stratus Reply

    Dice 🙂 You are my Idol and biggest fan…I am planning on trying out for TIM. First I need to see a gym. lol But If I were to ever get on with TIM. I would want to work with you 🙂

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