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FROM THE VAULT || Built To Fuck

Running Time: 100 minutes

Released:   08/2007

Director:   Paul Morris 

Featured Men:  Sean Hunter   Derek Daytona   Jerry Stearns   Phoenix Michaels   Franco Dax   Yuri  Jacob Slader   Austin Shadow   Alex Pitt   Mason Garet   Reymen   Connor Zimmerman   Colin Knight  Eric Wolfe   Nick Roberts   J.T. Steel   Trundor   Aaron   Christian (TIM)   Alan Gregory  Mike O’Neil   Jesse O’Toole   Luke   Tom Tomorrow   Mike Nichols   Jackson Price   Adrian Troy  Jay Ross

Description: BUILT TO FUCK: It’s the attitude and the way of life that have built Treasure Island from the very beginning. No-holds-barred, no-limits man-fucking, pure passion for the deepest levels of sex that men can reach. An absolute commitment to the honest, no-bullshit power that men experience when they give themselves over completely and without reservation to the insatiable and limitless experiencing of cock, semen, mansex. 

This DVD is the biggest, deepest and most extensive fuckfilm I’ve ever produced. Everything is here: brutal gangbangs, scorching three-ways,insatiable cumholes dripping and throbbing for more jizz, huge horse-cocks rampaging and ramming deep.

Gentlemen, it’s my honest opinion that BUILT TO FUCK is going to set a new standard. This is my favorite fuck DVD that we’ve made to date. 

If you have a taste for the work we do at Treasure Island, I can guarantee that you’ll want to get this one for your collection—and for your total pleasure. If what people are saying is true and Treasure Island is “more a cult than a porn studio”, then this would be our “Man-fuck Manifesto”. 

BUILT TO FUCK is the real deal.

– Paul Morris

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