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Running Time:
 126 minutes
Director:   Paul Morris 
Description:   A straight guy with a craving for cock, a sadist skull fucking his prey, a jizz-addict worshiping two ball sacs to nurse out the thick loads he craves – all this and more as Paul Morris presents the greatest swallow film to date from Treasure Island media.

Review by Marc Sylvian of AEBN: Straight guys have such a hard time saying no to a blowjob, don’t they? Well, after all, they’re men, and a mouth is a mouth… does it really matter the gender of the owner of that mouth? And then sometimes they’re “curious” enough to go in search of a cock to suck… surely just because they want to know what it’s like for a girl to give a blowjob, and not because of any urges they have. Mmm-hmm. We know a cock feels good in the mouth and a mouth feels good on a cock. That’s why “Bone Head” from Treasure Island Media finds us with so many eager straight recipients of suckoffs from gay guys.Sexy Damon Dogg attacks the cock of a newbie named Jimmy Dean with the fervor that only a true sex pig like him can achieve. Damon is one of the few well known performers here – most of them are using only one name, suggesting these are one-time things and we may never see them again. Let’s hope that’s not the case, because there are a few promising newbies. Of course, the anonymity also makes it hotter because you can imagine these guys going back to their regular jobs and hoping no one finds out they sucked cock – or had their cock sucked – on film for money!Director Paul Morris has once again brought us a top-notch blowjob flick with over two hours of mouth-watering action. There’s a gloryhole scene, there’s plenty of ball sucking, there’s a lot of variety for oral fans. It’s the best swallow movie this reviewer has seen in a good long while and has great repeat viewing potential.

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