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12-24-13 TIMFuck Exclusive Scene || JERRY STEARNS & CORY KOONS

Sometimes the sexual connection between two men is undeniable and immediate. And on rare occasions, it’s something more, something mere words can’t do justice to–like the very first meeting between renowned stud Jerry Stearns and legendary fuck whore Cory Koons. Rather than make you wait for a DVD, we’re giving it to you right here, right now!

One thought on “12-24-13 TIMFuck Exclusive Scene || JERRY STEARNS & CORY KOONS

  1. Darkhog Reply

    I really feel sorry for Cory, taking that oversized monster of a dick in his raw hole. It just like he’s being raped, but because he has the title of whore must live up to the name. Yes I only felt so sorry for him, only because, I’m not there to parttake in the animal fucking.

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