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CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Party, Part I

Story via Randy Raw Man

That night, I strip down to my sluttiest kick-around-the-house Sub4 shorts, cut the tags off my sexy new gear and lay it all out of my bed. As I walk from room to room, Ron’s load seeps from my ass and I just let it. When I feel it getting close to dripping onto the floor, I take my fingers, scoop some up and bring it to my lips. So fucking tasty.


I get a text from Angel.

HIM: “You were on fire today, Randy. I get so boned watching you fuck, seeing you evolve into the no-apologies cumswapper you were born to be.”

ME: Aw, blushing.

HIM: Meant to send you this before. Forgot.

I open the attachment. It’s the video Angel took after our first fuck when his load was leaking from my ass. It’s only 15 seconds long but I’m rock hard by the time I get to the end of it. I can’t believe how white Angel’s load is. And how huge. A big glob comes out first, and then a much smaller glob. You think that’s it but then the biggest, whitest glob of all oozes out and slides down my crack onto the crusty mattress. You hear Angel say, “Atta boy, way to take that load,” and then the clip ends.

I text him back.

ME: Jesus H, that was hot. And your cum is so thick and white. You’re like Liquid Paper Cum Man.

HIM: LOL. 3 Days Till Shudder. How you feeling?

ME: Excited. Anxious. Probably won’t sleep the night before.

HIM: You gotta try to. You’ll need your energy. And try to hold off cumming till then. Wanna make sure your first Shudder load is a massive one.

ME: Geez, that’ll be hard. I’m kind of a breeding machine at this point. LOL.

HIM: You laugh but I already got a few friends that want to swap seed with you. I’ve kind of been bragging.

ME: Wow. Blows my mind.

HIM: Wanna meet at my place and ride together on Saturday?

ME: Sure. You afraid I’ll chicken out?

HIM: No, just want to walk in with you. Watch the heads turn, watch your face…your cock react…your hole…and then unleash the Frankenstein monster I’ve created on the world.

ME: LOL. Fuck, ur 2 much.

For the next two days, I can hardly think about anything but Shudder. Angel texts me regular updates. “Just passed 150 RSVPs…lots of new meat…super hotties…gonna be epic.” Two days before the party, I run into Bryan from the gym storeroom at a coffeehouse. He says he has a family obligation that night but hopes to show up later. We have a nice chat about nothing really but there’s something extraordinary about the interaction—an intangible intimacy—that I’m sure is born out of the fact that we bred each other. If we hadn’t swapped seed but just hooked up, it wouldn’t be the same. Call it the insemination effect.

I see Ron from Skin2Skin the next day at the gas station and it’s the same feeling. I get the Bareback Brotherhood thing now. The connection is special because we left some of ourselves inside the other man. Perhaps left is too gentle a word. Blasted is better. We blasted some of ourselves inside the other man.

I work out extra hard the day before Shudder, to make sure I look my best, and also to exhaust myself so I can get a good night’s sleep before the party. My workouts have paid off and I’ve never felt better about my body than I do right now. Before heading home, I hear two well-built studs—one black, one Middle Eastern–chatting in the locker room about something happening “tomorrow night, what time are you getting there, gonna be hot,” etc. And I make a point to smile at them in the mirror as I walk out. Part of me wants to engage them but knowing how things have been going lately, we’d all just end up breeding and I’m saving it for the party. Joking. Sort of.

That night, I sleep longer than I’m hoping to. In the morning, I lay in bed and channel surf. Every hot guy that comes up on the screen I imagine running into later at Shudder. Finally, I turn off the TV, pack the gear I want to wear into a backpack, throw on a wife beater and some Nasty Pig nylon sweats–no underwear, of course–and head over to Angel’s. With an hour to go before the party, Angel and I take a shower together and clean out, our cocks hard and throbbing most of the time.

“It is so hard not to back up on you right now,” I say.

“There’s no way I’m letting you do that,” he says, pushing me away. “I’ll last all of ten seconds in you, man, and I want to save it for the party.”

“What’s the most times you’ve ever cum at one party?” I ask.

“Four, I think,” he says. “Gonna try and top that tonight.”

As we ride to the venue, Angel pops in Oscars fuck-mix CD—sperm me, sperm me, sperm me–and the butterflies in my stomach kick in big time, just imagining what the next two, four, eight hours are going to hold. My mind flashes through a series of images: my cock sliding into a perfect hole, my head thrown back in ecstasy, a pair of rugged hands grabbing the waistband of my chaps and pulling me back onto a steel hard cock, my eyes rolling back as the black guy from the gym slides his dick inside me, looking across the room as I’m fucking the Middle Eastern guy and seeing Angel taking a load from Drew Sebastian, something he’s wanted to do for months.

“What’re you thinking right now?” Angel asks.

“I was imagining watching you take a load from Drew Sebastian tonight,” I say.

“That’s what I was thinking, too,” he says, laughing.

“My heart is kind of racing,” I admit.

“So is mine,” he admits. “Even though this is far from my first party, I just get really excited, not just because I get to live out my fantasies, but because I help created this thing. I want it to go well and I’m proud because I know how fucking hot it is, how amazing it is for fuckers like us to come together like this.”

“I think that’s exactly what Walt Disney said on the opening day of Disneyland.”

Angel and I share a laugh and he pulls into the parking lot. There are already a few cars there. “No traffic at all from San Fran,” says a leather-clad stud I recognize as Damon Dogg. “This is going to be a good one.”

“We’ll be opening the doors in a few minutes,” says Angel, leading me in a side door. “Hang tight, fellas.”

Ron’s already inside, wearing his cummed-up lifeguard shorts, a harness and combat boots. We help him with some last minute touches; positioning mirrors and mattresses, putting bottles of lube around the space.

I notice a red and black leather fuck bench in one part of the room and while Ron and Angel hang the last sling, I climb upon the bench and stick my nylon covered butt in the air. I hang my head down, imagining that I’m about to take a hot dick and then bring my head up suddenly, like I just got impaled. It’s then that I see someone’s spray painted on the wall in front of me; “# 1 Rule of Shudder: The seed goes inside.”

“But you already knew that, didn’t you?” says Ron, who snuck up behind me.

“Oh yeah,” I say.

While Ron goes to open the doors, Angel and I head into a changing room in the back and get into our gear for the party. Angel wears a leather harness, armband and rubber shorts that zip all the way up the ass. I put on my new leather chaps, harness, cockring, leather armbands and black boots.

Angel stands in front of me and we grab each other by the harness and pull in for a hot deep kiss. “God, I’m fucking nervous,” I say.

“You’re fucking hard, too” Angel says, grinding his crotch on my cock. “Look, do whatever you want out there, Randy. I just want you to have a good experience.”

“Thanks, Angel. You changed my life, man.”

“That’s what I try to do,” he says, with a shrug. “One cumslut at a time.”

When we emerge from the changing room, the place looks totally different. The lights are dimmer but not so dim that you can’t see who’s in front of you. Someone’s already busted out some poppers, I can smell them. And at first, I think they’re playing Oscar’s fuck-mix CD because I’m hearing groaning and calls to, “Fuck him, fuck him, breed him, breed him,” and then I realize that it’s live, not Memorex. Ron is on the fuckbench I was on earlier getting his asshole plundered by a Italian looking muscle bear in leather. A few other studs stand around watching and jerking their cocks. Some sucking and jerking is happening, too, but so far Ron’s the only one taking a fuck. “You want some of this?” the Italian bear asks me. I didn’t expect him address me, of all the guys around. “Um—“

“Look, your dick is drooling,” he points out. So it is. “You don’t have to breed if you’re not ready yet, but let’s use that pre-come to get him more juiced up for me. Ron tries to take the first breed of the party because then he has to be back at the door for when the big rush of guys get here.”

The bear pulls me in toward Ron’s ass, grabs my dick and smoothes my pre-come all over Ron’s hole. Then he stands behind me and shoves me in. “Oh fuck,” I gasp. “It’s so fucking hot.”

“You must be Randy,” the muscle bear says to me, tweaking my nipples from behind as I start to fuck Ron. “I’m Frank. Angel’s told me about you.”

“Ungh…Nice to meet you…ugnhh,” I gasp as Ron’s ass sucks my cock in and out, over and over again.

I turn to the side to check in with Angel, but his face is down eating out the perfect ass of a gorgeous 25-ish Latino who’s laid back in a sling.

“You want to breed Ron?” asks Frank.

“It’s so good,” I say. The truth is, I’ve bred Ron already and I’d rather save my first load of Shudder for a new fuckbud. “I’m just getting going,” I say. “Maybe you should drop the first load.”

“Somebody fucking cream me soon,” Ron says laughing. “I gotta get back to door duty.”

“You got it, fucker,” says Frank, before pulling me out and shoving his 8-inch prong back into Ron’s hot hole. “Eat my ass while I fuck him, Randy,” says Frank, firmly. “I have a feeling that hot tongue of yours will make me shoot huge.”

I don’t even think twice about it. I slide my arms down Frank’s back, grab onto his thighs and do my best to tongue his pucker while he plows Ron’s ass. “Oh yeah, Randy,” he groans. “Get that tongue up in there.” Frank stops the relentless in and out and grinds his hips in circles, allowing my tongue to slither inside his hairy manhole. From this position, I have a close-up view of his cum-filled nuts. As he goes from grinding back to pistoning, I hear his breath get heavier. His nuts start to pull up. He’s about to blow. The men around us notice Frank’s breath change. “Flood him!” says one man. “Send him back up front with your seed seeping out of him,” says another. “I’m gonna…” gasps Frank. “I gonna…I’m fucking BREEEEEED-ing you, stud. Take my huge load. Take it.”

Treasure Island Media, Wild Breed

“I can feel it, stud,” moans Ron. “Rope after rope after fucking rope. I want it all.” Frank slows his pounding down. I’m sitting on the floor. My face is in Frank’s sweaty ass, watching his balls contract as he releases his seed. I steal a look down at my cock. I can’t believe how hard it is. Frank’s about to pull his cum cannon out of Ron’s ass and I have a choice. I can lick it clean, dive right into Ron’s hole or none of the above. I’ve never really felched anyone before but suddenly, all I want to do is eat Frank’s load out of Ron’s fuckhole.

Frank slides his long cock out of Ron and right onto my face where a streak of his cum coats my lips like a balm. I open my mouth and Frank sinks his cock down my throat in one long stroke, then pulls it out and shoves my face in Ron’s cummy ass. “Taste my seed,” he insists. And I do. It’s so fucking sweet.

I go to town on Ron’s fuckhole for a minute or so and then he pulls away and stands up. He nearly falls because he’s so weak-kneed from taking the fuck. “I got you,” I say, catching him. “I have to go relieve Oscar at the door,” he says. “Where’s Frank? I want to thank him for the cumload.”

I jut my chin to a plain white wall. Frank stands in front of it, uncorks a thick black marker and writes a single hash mark on the wall.

“So we’re keeping a tally?” I ask.

“Yeah,” says Ron. “Last time we had around a hundred men here and we hit 346 loads but I know we’re going to do better tonight. So you see anyone here you want to breed yet?” Ron asks.

I look around at the room that now has about 20 guys in various states of undress, sucking, fucking, getting fucked and in the case of Angel, breeding the Latin stud in the sling. “Aaaaaaggghhhhh, take my fucking spunk!” he groans. “Milk it with your boy-ass. Yeah, suck that cum into your hole.” God, I’ve seen Angel cum hard before but this orgasm is spectacular and seems to go on and on.

“What were you saying, Ron?” I say, absently stroking my cock.

“I was asking you if there’s anyone here you want to breed,” he says.

“I can honestly say, looking around, that I would swap spunk with any of the men here.”

“That include me?”

I turn around and see a pair of vaguely familiar faces. It’s the black guy and the Middle Eastern guy from my gym. They’re wearing Nasty pig jockstraps in different colors and their muscles are pumped and glistening. “I’m Marcus and this is Hassan,” says the black guy. “I’m Randy,” I say, moving in close to them. We’re all three the same height, which is hot for some reason. I open my mouth and they both stick they’re tongues in from either side.

The three of us make-out and for a while but then Hassan breaks away and says, “Let’s find a fuckspot.” Marcus snakes a finger into my hole and says, “I think I found my fuckspot, right here.”

We survey the room for a good spot but most of the furniture is taken. Just then, on a leather covered mattress in a corner of the room, two different tops blast their bottoms full of cum at the exact same time, like bookends. It’s so fucking hot. The studs at Shudder cum loud and hard, making sure they let everyone know when they’re seeding an ass. That’s part of what makes the parties so hot. Watching other studs breed is almost as exciting as planting seed and getting bred yourself. The foursome on the mattress untangle themselves and go to make their marks on the wall. We’re up to 10 and the party’s been going maybe twenty minutes.

Hassan and Marcus lead me to the now vacant fuckbed. The three of us get on our knees on the bed and kiss each other. We jerk each other’s cocks then reach our hands around to play with each other’s asses. I feel Marcus start to open me up with his fingers while I do the same to Hassan.

Marcus pulls my head down onto his throbbing 9-inch prong and I start to suck for all I’m worth. Hassan takes my dick in his mouth and soon, we’re in a sucking triangle. Hassan’s full lips going up and down on my shaft gets me close to cumming in no time flat. I jerk out of his mouth suddenly. “Something wrong?” he asks.

“No, not at all, you’re so fucking hot,” I say. “It’s just that this is my first Shudder party and I was getting really close and I really came here to breed and get bred. Nothing turns me on more than that and as pretty as that mouth of yours is, I’d rather blast my spunk up your ass.” I turn to Marcus. “Or up your ass. God, you’re both so fucking hot.”

“Have you taken a load yet?” Marcus asks, while playing with my hole.

“No, not here,” I say.

“I want to cum in you,” he says simply. “I’ve wanted to for a while.” Then he says it again, simply, “I want to cum in you.”

“You’ve seen me before?” I ask.

“Oh yes, a number of times,” Marcus says, while pushing me onto my back on the mattress. Hassan kneels behind my head and pulls my legs up over my shoulders.

“Really?” I ask.

“How about I tell you all about it once I’m in you?” says Marcus.

“Okay,” I say, nodding. I look through my leather-covered legs and see this incredible caramel-colored stud with a throbbing nine-inch fuckstick looking down into my eyes. Then he smiles and goes down to eat my ass.

While Marcus rims my hole gets me ready for his fuck, I look around the room. It’s now packed with 100 or so barebackers and almost all of them are fucking or getting fucked. A few are sucking cock, some are kissing or jerking their cocks, but 90 percent of them have a dick up their ass or are plunging their dicks up someone else’s ass. And every 30 seconds or so, a fuckstud announces that he’s blasting and then he lets loose with his spunk inside some lucky hole and the studs around him cheer him on. It’s even hotter than I fucking imagined it would be.

When I turn back to Marcus, his face is inches in front of mine. He kisses me, softly at first and then more deeply. God, he’s an amazing kisser. While we kiss hungrily, I feel his drooling cockhead poke at my hole. “I’m going inside you now, Randy,” he says. “If I go too fast or if it starts to hurt, let me know but I’m not going to pull out of you. I came here to breed tonight. More specifically, I came here to breed you tonight.” About half of Marcus’s cock is inside me now.

“That’s true, Randy,” says Hassan. “He won’t shut up about it.”

“Oh my God,” I say, just as I feel Marcus’s balls touch down on my cheeks.

“I’m all in now, Randy,” whispers Marcus getting nose to nose with me. “While you get used to my cock, I’ll tell you where I’ve seen you. You take the Tuesday / Thursday morning spinning class, right?”

“Yeah, but I’ve never seen you in there,” I say as I feel Marcus slowly grind into me. “I would remember a hot fucker like you.”

“I can’t take it because I have to leave for work before it’s over,” he says. “But a number of times, I’ve jogged on the treadmill outside the spinning room and watched your ass in those Spandex shorts go up and down on that bike seat. I could barely jog, my dick would start get too hard, wondering if you were gay, which I was pretty sure you were, and wondering if you took cum, which I had no idea about.”

“Guess you got your answer now,” I say.

“And a couple times I jacked off on the way to work, thinking about your ass in those shiny blue shorts. I imagined that you picked blue instead of black because they were a little bit flashier and you liked calling attention to your ass because you were a big cumtaker and you wanted people to know it.”

“Guilty,” I say. Marcus picks up the pace of his fuck strokes. We both stop talking and just fuck for a minute or so. “Anything else I should know about you?”

“Just that I haven’t cum in a week,” says Marcus.

“Holy fuck,” I groan. I close my eyes. The chitchat stops and Marcus continues to pick up the tempo of his fuckstrokes. I can feel his mushroom cockhead scraping against my prostate, making my rockhard cock bounce up and down on my stomach. “Oh my God, fuck me Marcus. You’ve been watching that ass, huh? Well, now it’s yours. Yours to fuck and yours to flood with that giant 7-day load.”

Again, I close my eyes to focus on the pleasure Marcus’s hot cock is giving to my hungry ass. When I open them, I see Angel looking down on me. Behind him is his fantasy man—and frankly, one of mine, too—Drew Sebastian gently fucking Angel’s ass.

“Take the fuck, buddy,” says Angel. “Use your ass and work for that jizz. You’re about to get your first Shudder cumload.”

“And it’s going to be huge,” growls Marcus.

Drew starts a chant that Hassan and Angel and about twenty strangers join in on, “Breed him, breed him, breed him, breed him…”

“I’m getting close, stud,” warns Marcus. “You work out that ass so hard just for this, right? That Spandex ass is living for this, right?”

“Yes, Marcus!” I wail. “Sperm up my guts. Fill me up with your scalding hot man jizz. I need it so fucking bad.”

“Breed him, breed him, breed him, breed him…”

“I’m cumminnngggg!” he bellows, locking eyes with me through my leather-clad legs. I watch his face shudder and convulse and his eyes get wider as the first rope bursts out of his cockhead and into my fuck-channel. I don’t close my eyes. I want to watch his face contort, his chest heave, his neck tighten as he unloads that 7 day cum-load up my hole.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, too.” I know that voice. It’s Drew Sebastian. As Angel prepares to take his dream man’s seed he leans his face down to mine and kisses me.

“Breed him, breed him, breed him, breed him…”

“It’s going to happen,” I tell him. “Drew Sebastian is about to cum in you. Soak it in, fucker.”

“Unghhh, uunnngh, uuunnnghh,” Drew wails as he paints my friend’s asswalls with his famous fuckjuice.

“I’m still shooting!” gasps Marcus as he continues to pound his load into me. “I’m still fucking shooting!”

“I can feel it, stud,” I gasp as Marcus collapses onto my chest, his ass still convulsing as the dregs of his massive load ooze their way through his shaft and into my guts where they belong.

I reach down and feel where Marcus’s still hard cock is going in and lean into his ear. “Thank you,” I whisper. “Now whenever you see this hot ass at the gym, you’ll know you own it, that there’s some of you deep, deep inside it.”

Treasure Island Media, Wild Breed

When Marcus and I walk to the wall to make our cum mark, we’re the 25th load of the evening. Drew and Angel are 26. And Shudder’s only been going for 45 minutes. This is the most sexually exciting experience of my life and I haven’t even bred anyone…yet.

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  1. Robert Alvarez. Reply

    I should have been in bed twenty minutes ago, but I could not stop reading this, nor did I want to do so. I cannot wait for the next part. Really looking forward to it!

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