Three Exclusive Updates to TIMFuck, TIMSuck, & TIMJack

TIMFuck Exclusive Scene | Featuring:
Drew Sebastian and Denver


Drew Sebastian finds Denver’s ass so irresistible, he can’t help tearing off the kid’s underwear to plunge his tongue into that sweet hole. After whetting his appetite, Drew gets down to serious business. He takes his time pushing his massive cock as deep inside as he can, reshaping Denver’s hole from the inside out and bending the joyfully overwhelmed fuck slut to his indomitable will with an unrelenting powerfuck.

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TIMSuck Exclusive Scene | Featuring:
Jacob and Dylan Strokes


Glory holes offer a particular experience and pleasure that rightfully appeals to a lot of guys. Most of the time that’s all the guys are looking for–but every now and then, the cock-to-mouth connection made through the hole is powerful enough to draw them together. That’s just what happens here, as Dylan Strokes and voracious cocksucker Jacob end up on the same side of the wall for a hands-on, deeply satisfying skull fuck.

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TIMJack Exclusive Scene | Featuring:
Bamm Bamm


AGE: 28 | HEIGHT: 5’8″ | COCK: 9.5″ uncut | Fantasies: A weekend cabin fuck fest with sex toys

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