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TIMSuck Exclusive: Dan Fisk & Marcus Iron


Here at Treasure Island Media we are very strong of the belief that some men are simply born to suck dick. Any cock, anytime, anywhere.


Queue Marcus Iron, who is indisputably one man who was born to suck dick – and moreover thrives off of it. This week we put him in a room with stallion-hung Dan Fisk and, as you can imagine, the rest took care of itself. This cocksucker was in his element.

Marcus worships at the altar of Fisk’s amazing dick, servicing it relentlessly. Slamming his rock hard cock down Iron’s throat, the sheer joy on Dan’s face is transparent.


This hot session of dick-blowing concludes with a thick load getting squirted for our cum-hungry cocksucker.

To see it all go down, head over to TIMSuck.


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