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TIMFuck Exclusive: Aaron Burke & Dice


There’s something familiar about Dice. Not just because he’s one of our own, that in itself is why we love him. But, he’s also that kid that you still think about, you know? The younger one..the one that you’d fool around with as a kid, the one you’d take back to the fort. You know what I’m talking about.

Aaron’s is different, he’s eerily soft spoken, but just by speaking to him you gauge that there s some deeper that is lurking just beneath the surface. Something that draws you into him.

Both of these men seem to give off an immediate familiarity, they provoke the mind through intrigue.

Aaron recognizes a kindred spirit in Dice – just watch the way that he pervily touches and kisses him. You’ll notice in this scene that Aaron can’t wait to trophy fucking Dice’s ass on camera. It’s a dead give-away how much he wants and enjoys the prize. He wants everyone to watch.

Head over to TIMFuck to see the full seed 😉

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