TIMFuck Exclusive: Drew Sebastian & Shay Michaels


Simmer down – you’ve clearly read the title and are ecstatic. Rightfully so, as this week you’re being treated , nay, you have the pleasure of watching two of your favorites give and take it all.


DREW SEBASTIAN and SHAY MICHAELS are a respective breed of their own. For those of you that are Shay fans, you know that it isn’t easy to make him a complete bitch, well you’re about to see otherwise. Queue the power of Drew Sebastian, who knows how to turn any man, no matter whom, into a red-faced slut.

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At first, you can see all over Shay’s face that this is a treat – lubing Drew’s pierced cock with his spit – while his hairy hole gets fingered. But once Drew begins to pound this hole like a possessed beast, it’s too late. There is not any going back.

Grunts turn into screams as Drew breed him. All the while, our top protagonist, or is he now the antagonist(?), smiles from ear-to-ear.

See for yourself: TIMFuck this way…




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