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TIM Takes Over: RAUNCH in San Diego

Any night that Treasure Island Media takes part, winds up being sinisterly debaucherous in behavior… The night was true to the norm when TIM wound up sponsoring a party at RAUNCH in wild San Diego. Needless to say, RAUNCH went off.

The club was filled with beautiful men, partying hard and committing welcomed sex acts well into the early hours of the morning, all the while galavanting around to show off their TIMGear jocks.

Next time TIM comes to town, San Diego, make sure you join us – isn’t this enough to persuade you? 😉

Excuse me while I stare…

If you’d like TIM to host an event in your bar then let us know.  PR@treasureislandmedia.com

If you’d like to pick up a pair of your own TIMGear, check us out HERE.

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