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PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With DICE: Taking Over Seattle

Just last week, we headed 3 hours north to Seattle for a weekend of debauchery.  After checking into our hotel it was time to start our first shoot with Rex and TIM newcummer Taylor Reign.


The next shoot that evening was between Ray Dalton and another TIM newcummer Conrad Logun. As you know Ray is quite the exhibitionist. Of course, we wanted to film him outside of Steamworks Seattle. It was very hot, and lots of pedestrians just walking by.


Ray and Conrad had so much fun, they decided to meet up the following day for some more fun together. Damon and I headed on over with the cameras to get it on film.


Our final shoot in Seattle was with Grant & Aleks Ryder. They’ve been asking to fuck each other on film for quite a while. Aleks is one of our Portland boys. he hoped on the bolt bus to meet us that evening to get fucked on film for us.


After filming Rex and I decided to go out for a drink. Rex lived in Seattle before, so he wanted us to check out a couple of the local gay bars, I know Pony happened to be one of them.


4 thoughts on “Rolling With DICE: Taking Over Seattle

  1. bbcwhore Reply

    would love to see Taylor Reign get gang banged JonPhelps or Blue Bailey style by a gang of older hairy muscle daddies with their +z seed

  2. Seaguy Reply

    Taylor Reign is doing a TIM vid right on. I knew Ray Dalton was visiting Seattle but didn’t know he was going to be shooting a new scene with TIM, definitely looking fwd to that one.

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