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PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With DICE: Tony Bishop and Ray Diesel Visit Portland

Just Recently Tony Bishop & Ray Diesel were both visiting Portland. When they let me know they were in town I knew I needed to find them some guys. I hit up Aleks Ryder and asked if he was in the mood for some dick. He came and met us at the hotel, so he could get on his knees and worship Tony Bishop‘s hot cock.

Later that night I received a text from Ray Diesel, letting me know he made it into town. He mentioned he was getting ready to jerk off, so I asked if I could come shoot it. He was very much up for it.

The next morning Tony was in the mood to breed before having to leave town, so I hit up Matt cause he had been messaging me saying he wanted to take a load. I enjoyed filming Tony plow this Portland kid’s hole.

That night Ray was ready to fuck but he wanted me to find him two cum hungry bottoms. I knew Jadyn Daniels and Aleks Ryder were the ones that would do the job right. They both love to worship a hot piece of meat.

Then the next day we shot Ray getting blown by Riley Landon. Riley really enjoys to suck dick, so having Ray‘s made his day.


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