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PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Shooting In Seattle

Last week I headed up to Seattle from Portland to shoot some scenes for 5 days. The first scene was Timarrie fucking Seattle native Sawyer.

Later that night Sawyer was still hungry for cock and just his luck Jacob Durham just got to town and was looking to get blown.

After the shoots that day I ended up going and having a few drinks with Timarrie & Taylor Reign. We hit up R Place and also Neighbor’s in Seattle.

The next day started with Sawyer heading back over to take a nap while getting jerked off. You could tell even when he was asleep he was in heaven.

Later in the afternoon, I had a shoot lined up with Grant and Conrad Logun, these two are both from Seattle and have been wanting to fuck each other for months now so it was amazing to capture the moment on film.

A couple hours later Jacob came back over after hitting the gym and was ready to relax for a bit.

The next day Jacob was still crazy horny and was ready to fuck a nice hole, Israel Oka just happened to be down the street and is always up for a good pounding. The connection between these two was amazing.

Definitely looking forward to heading back to shoot more in Seattle.


3 thoughts on “Rolling With Dice: Shooting In Seattle

  1. martin Reply

    why the hell every bottom in your clips , even the newest meat rack 4 looks like shit, is fat, disgusting, and has huge wide open ugly asshole !? who is the idiot picking those shitty guys, is he blind or retarded?

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