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KOJO Exclusive Scene: Danny Boy

When you come across a sexy piece like Danny Boy, who may have had one too many already, what do you do?
Buy him another. And another. A few more and he looked good enough to eat… I got my buddy to come in and help me finish him off.



One thought on “KOJO Exclusive Scene: Danny Boy

  1. Frank Link Reply

    you have some really awesome scenes in your KOJO site. I see a few where you say you have taken some of their things while they are still out cold however you don’t show the things being taken. One example is the current one I am watching now which by the way is really awesome. I just wish you would show what is being taken from these hot studs while it is actually being done. Would love to have been able to have seen you taking some of Louie L’Amour’s things like you said you did. I find that to be really exciting and really enjoyed it being shown in videos of guys in the past.

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