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Rolling With DICE: Four Days Fucking and Loving in San Francisco


Look, I’m fine with 3am, I just prefer getting to 3am as a part of a late evening, not so much a disgustingly early morning. The only reason I dragged myself out of bed is because I was looking forward to a sex-filled day (it’s perhaps the only reason why I get out of bed).  After touching down I headed straight for the TIM office, and was glad to brush up against the giant seven-foot cock in the lobby – not the worst way to start a four day “business” trip to San Francisco.   I decided to sneak off and grab some lunch with AARIN ASKER in the Castro, then unwind a bit in the hotel. 

Day two was especially fun because it started at 24-Hour fitness with Aarin (some of you may know about my gym habits: Rolling With DICE: Locker-Room Fuck Session). Once we cleaned up and toweled off, it was time to pay respect to the giant prick in the TIM lobby and take some snapshots.


Speaking of large dicks, I was also lucky enough to interview a model that evening who was incredibly well-endowed. Hung barely begins to describe this gifted specimen – he might have been the elusive “Sas-crotch.” That evening Aarin and I caught a screening of the movie “How To Be Single” and we ended the night with a walk downtown.

Day three centered around a photoshoot for PAUL MORRIS’ newest upcoming TIMGEAR. KENNY was in charge of the shoot, but I was handling the behind the scenes coverage. It was very meta.


Later, I met up with Kenny at the Midnight Sun Bar because Aarin was dancing. After he was finished dancing, we all moved on to meet MATT at Beaux. I bought a round of 151 for everyone but somehow they all ended up in Kenny. Things got a little fuzzy so Kenny, Aarin and I walked back to the hotel.


The next morning, lo and behold, I woke up naked in bed with Kenny. I had to pack but not too early, since it was a late flight back.  All  in all, a really great week in the Windy Grey Apple!image2

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Cumsloppy StoriesRolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Locker-Room Fuck Session

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Cumsloppy StoriesFEATURES

Britpig Diaries: Cum Demon

Working office hours is something pretty new to me having grown accustomed to the unpredictability of shift work and the way that it modifies your body clock. Having no set week to week routine means that...

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