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Aching for ass

People seem to think of me as a top. Others (mostly friends and fuck buds) know how big of a bottom I can be. Truth is – I’m versatile, and I really learned how true this was after I got my PA.

I was told that I couldn’t fuck for two months. Of course, my initial thought was, “Awesome! Now I have an excuse to bottom all the time and won’t get pressured into topping.” But after a week of being unable to use my dick, the want to top became increasingly apparent.

By week 3 I was aching to stick my dick in someone. Yes, I had still had tons of sex, taking dick after dick after dick, load after load after load (and an occasional fist or two…..and trust – I LOVED every of each session), but it just didn’t fully satisfy the “hunger” I was feeling.

The full realization of how into topping I was came just a couple nights ago. I had finally followed through on a promise to a friend to go with him to the local sex club where he could whore my ass out to anyone who wanted it. By the end of the night, I had taken well over 10 dicks and received about 8 loads. But as the night drew to a close, I looked down and my rock hard, throbbing tool and thought it was finally time to give it a try.

There were plenty of bottoms there, but to be safe, I wanted to find one that had a hole that was ready for dick, not someone who’d cut my dick of by clenching too tight. I eventually found a guy who had spent the whole night going from fuck bench, to sling, to fuck bench with his ass up waiting for anyone to fuck him (much like I had). I love bottoms who are like myself, so I immediately went up and starting rubbing my dick against his bare hole. I leaned over him and wrapped my arms around his body, feeling a nice patch of fur on his front side. I pulled him in close and whispered in his ear “I’m going to load you up. I have a PA – that cool with you?” He said “Fuck yea” and immediately I reached for the lube, drenched my cock in it, and pressed my PA right up on his hole.

I hesitated at this point–and if you’ve never healed from a piercing, you don’t understand the nervousness to use something that I haven’t done before. But I employed my “fuck it” mentality (read here for a more in depth description of what I mean by “FUCK IT” mentality), and pushed my dick in. The next 5 minutes (yes I only lasted 5 minutes) was absolute heaven. My eyes rolled back into my head, my hands gripped the anonymous man’s hips gently but firmly, and I thrusted hard, deep, and fast into the slut’s cum receptacle. I probably fucked him harder than I do most people, and the rough pounding started almost immediately after I got in him. I was so turned on—by him, his ass, the fact I could finally feel my dick inside him, and feel my PA in there too. I finally understood why people get the PA, and I finally understood in full that I am truly vers.

I love fucking ass.
I love taking things up my ass.
Anyone that is PURELY bottom or top by choice is just missing out in my opinion.

Cumsloppy StoriesI AM:

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Cumsloppy Stories

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Cumsloppy StoriesFEATURES

Britpig Diaries: Cum Demon

Working office hours is something pretty new to me having grown accustomed to the unpredictability of shift work and the way that it modifies your body clock. Having no set week to week routine means that...

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