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Yes, I know – half way through the year and I’ve only given 15 loads. That’s really bad, but I sorta knew going into this year that it would be a bad year. Hopefully I can get the hookup sites that I’m working on completed by the end of the year and then spend 2015 promoting them with sex parties and the like.

But one of the issues is that my sexual tastes are changing and when it comes to topping I’m finding nothing motivates me like a cummy hole. The last two guys I bred – both had cummy asses. It just feels really incredible to fuck a cummy ass – gets me really hard and makes me cum quickly.

So one day last week I was looking for a hole to fuck and there were a couple options. The two leading options were both in hotels. One guy was playing a bit coy and after some back and forth told me the name of his hotel but didn’t tell me the room number, while another guy got to the point quickly and told me “Manhattan Hotel, room XXX”. Problem was, I had no clue where Manhattan Hotel was and if you try to put that into Google you get every hotel in Manhattan. He then told me the cross streets and so I picked him – just because he seemed like a good pig who gets right to the point. I confirmed that I was going to come over and asked how many loads he had in him already – the said “5″. When I heard that I couldn’t wait to get there and fuck his cummy ass.

I get to the hotel and it was pretty run down. The lobby looked like the started a renovation and just stopped. When I got up to his floor the walls were all scuffed, the carpet was dirty and old. In other words it seemed like the perfect hotel for a sleazy cumdump 😉


The door was closed so I knocked. It took a while for him to answer and then I saw why – there was another top there. The bottom was what I’d call “slim, average, white guy” – but I wasn’t there to fuck Adonis – I was there to fuck a cummy hole. The top was actually pretty hot. I’d guess the low side of mid-30s, had a few tattoos, a nice lean(ish), slightly muscular body. I actually thought the top was considerably hotter than the bottom, but I was there to fuck, so that wasn’t really a factor.

While I was undressing the other top tried to get the bottom to push the cum out of his ass, but all that the bottom managed was to push some of the air out of his ass – in other words while a little cum may have come out, it was more like a fart. Then the other top had the bottom turn around and suck his dick. Once my clothes were off I wanted to felch the bottom’s ass, but he wasn’t in the best position for that, but I did just a little bit of it in this awkward position, then when I got up the other top indicated that he wanted me to fuck the guy. I thought that was a little weird since he had just worked up a hardon, but who was I to say ‘no’ to a fucking a cummy hole?

I started fucking him on all fours. His hole felt good, but I needed to reposition him. So I got him down on his belly – had to pull him back to position him. Once he was on his belly my orgasm came pretty quickly. It felt like I kept hitting bottom in his ass – or maybe it was just the “second sphincter”. Anyway, that plus the slickness of all those loads felt incredible.

As soon as I had cum I wanted to just slowly fuck his cummy ass and savor the feeling, but the other top was all horned up and wanted in, so I pulled out and he took over. I had only fucked the guy for maybe 3 or 4 min, but the other top didn’t last even that long. I kid you not when I say he fucked the bottom for maybe 30 seconds or a minute before cumming. It was almost funny how quickly the bottom got those two loads.

I confirmed with the bottom that we were loads 6 & 7, but he said no, we were loads 7 & 8. In other words, in the 30 minutes it took me to get to the hotel, the guy had taken another load as well. He was on a roll!

Once I dressed I tried to take a piss in the bathroom, but nothing came out. Then I left. These three really hot young Brazilian guys were walking in front of me. One had his arm around the other. As we waited for the elevator (which takes a while in a crappy hotel), I couldn’t tell if they were gay or straight. But they were definitely hot.

After I got home the bottom sent me a note apologizing. He said he initially thought the other top was me, but then figured out it was a guy who was supposed to come an hour earlier. The chemistry with the other top was actually pretty good, so I didn’t mind. I mean I sorta like gangbang scenes – so definitely wasn’t a problem for me.

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