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Cumsloppy Stories

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Drop Your Pants

Story via SFVersCumBoy

When I am on my knees at a glory hole, in a back room or just taking advantage of a quiet corner my only thought is that the other guy needs to walk away with a huge smile on his face, the memory of the best blowjob he has ever had and at least a pint less cum in his balls.

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Back in December I had the opportunity to get a day off before Christmas. My partner and I were going skiing with friends and I had the Friday before off and it was an unseasonably warm day.

I started out at a local shopping mall where there can occasionally be a very hot “straight” guy shopping with his girlfriend or wife and they venture in to the bathroom for some relief; well, I am always willing to offer some real relief if they have the time and inclination.

On this day it was so hectic I was just in the mood for some quiet time so I decided to head to the Castro. On the way I thought I may as well check out the park and see if anyone was out and about.

Not ten minutes after getting there, I saw a very hot red head cruising. We exchanged enough eye contact that he knew I was up for something.

We went to a spot that offered some cover but was still out in the open so others could watch or join in. He was hung enough that the few guys in the area were very interested to see me bent over and squatting to service every inch of his cock.

Eventually we had a hot blonde come over and pull his cock out. OMG it was thick, mushroom head and stuck straight out at least 9 inches by my estimate.

I have found that the larger they are, the easier it can be to totally deep throat them to their balls so I went down on him as deep as I could.

He was moaning and encouraging me to keep going. He would then put my mouth on the red head’s cock and watch me servicing him.

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I went back and forth between the two of them while about three guys watched and stroked.

Finally the red head could not hold back and had to shoot his load, my face was ready to take it all. He shot a nice thick load and zipped up.

My new blond friend was an exhibitionist and wanted to see me servicing a few more. We decided to wander on so he could find some more cocks to feed me. Of course I agreed.

He ran into another guy that he apparently knew and told me “He is even bigger than I am,” and I said lets go for it.

We went to a quiet spot that could still be seen to allow anyone to join. I went into the squat position and started on the friend.

Well, you know there are growers and there are showers, this one was a grower – what a mouthful.

My blond buddy was turned on seeing me service his friend, then taking his thick cock and then taking one after the other. He was ready to shoot and let loose with a very thick load – of course I had not wiped the red heads load off my goatee or face so I now had two loads.

His friend saw that thick load shoot and he was ready to fire away. I turned to have him coat my goatee with his pent up load.

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After getting all three loads on my face they both said it looked hot.

Cumsloppy Stories

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Cumsloppy Stories


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Cumsloppy Stories

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Cumsloppy Stories

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Cumsloppy Stories


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Cumsloppy Stories

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Cumsloppy Stories

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Cumsloppy Stories


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Cumsloppy Stories

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Cumsloppy Stories

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