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Meet the Morgan twins

We’re always looking to expand our manfuck family here at Treasure Island Media. Recently, DICE had the pleasure of bringing in two brand new exclusives – and they’re twins! Meet Jason & Justin Morgan. They hail from the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t be more ready to make porn. We’re gonna work these boys hard over the next few months. Keep scrolling to learn more about them!

Their sexuality as twins:

Jason and Justin are 26 years-old and bottoms to the core. Justin has a slight interest in topping, but 95% of the time he’s cruisin’ for a butt bruisin. They consider themselves piggish, but also really love intimate sex – and kissing is a must. They’ve had sex with hordes of men as a pair, and really enjoy the idea of pleasing a guy in tandem.

What do they enjoy about living in the Pacific Northwest?

Easy answer here – they love the outdoors! They like exploring the natural variety that Oregon and Washington have to offer. They’re ALSO super into exploring the wide variety of men. It’s the perfect place for them, no doubt.

How did they decide to get into porn?

Doing porn has always been a dream for the Morgan twins. They started sneaking out of class to jerk off in middle school, and have always loved watching porn together, and the only thing hotter than watching porn together is making it together.

What are some of their hobbies or passions outside of porn? 

They’re big on hikes, geology, dancing and going to the movies with friends. The Morgan twins have a quieter side as well, and enjoy reading up on fashion and queer literature. Right now they’re studying the pup lifestyle, which piqued a mutual interest a few months back. With any luck, that interest might just turn into a great scene one day.

How did they learn about TIM?

The twins have been watching TIM videos for quite a long time now! Apparently our balls-out fucking style caught them at a young age, and the Suck Dick Save the World series became an early and lasting favorite.

What turns them on in a man? 

They love older men, body hair, and facial hair. Big-dicked dads like Jack Dixon are an instant win for these two – but it’s not everything! They also love bald men, smooth men and younger men – they love men. These two thrive on variety, and enjoy getting bred by all races and sizes of guys. Nice personalities are a major turn on. They feel more comfortable with someone down to earth and easy to talk to.

How about big turn offs? 

They love big dicks but not big egos. They shy away from judgmental people and snobby are instant boner-killers for Justin and Jason. “A man can be confident without being an asshole,” says Justin.

What’s it been like shooting with TIM?

They said, “Everything we’ve done so far has been an amazing experience. It’s been so much fun, we can’t wait to see what else TIM has in store for us.”

Any fantasy scene they’d like to make happen? 

They want their submissiveness taken to the limit. They want to be blindfolded, passed around by tops, and be double penetrated. If we have our way with them you can be sure of it – those walls are gonna come down FAST.

Keep up with the Morgan twins on twitter via @JasonMorganXXX & @JustinMorganXXX

If you see ’em out and about don’t be intimidated: say hi! They’re great guys and would love to meet you. 


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