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Category: PDX

Damon Dogg UnleashedHEADLINES

Hustlaball Award for WILD BREED

Thankyou to the judges at the Hustlaball Awards in Berlin for awarding the prize for best group scene (US) to the Woodland Cruising scene in WILD BREED. It’s awesome to see recognition for the role of “real” real sex in porn (obviously it’s all real, but I think most would agree that this is particularly raw).

The scene came from a lot of traipsing around Hampstead Heath in the dark with Luke – the most patient cumslut in London, followed by some outstanding editing by Damon Dogg who distilled the sex from hours of shadowy tree-branches, all overseen by our boss and personality-cult anti-hero Paul Morris. Thankyou to all of you from the heart of my bottom.

Damon Dogg UnleashedHEADLINES

Christian blows Damon, Hollywood style

More of Treasure Island Media’s finest, up to their usual tricks. Here’s Christian blowing Damon Dogg in front of the Hollywood sign, posted by Damon on his twitpic account.

Damon Dogg UnleashedT.I.M. News and Events

Paul, Damon and Liam

Paul Morris is at it again, photographing perfect asses. This is the latest, and my favourite so far. Damon Dogg has uploaded a whole load of new videos shot at a recent performance with his band Sick...

Damon Dogg UnleashedHEADLINES

Sick Wolf show with Damon Dogg #2

He’s at it again. Damon Dogg (pics above from Damon Blows America 10: Denver) will be on stage with his rockabilly band Sick Wolf at 3pm on saturday 5th December, at 1600 Seventeenth Street, San...

Damon Dogg UnleashedHEADLINES

Sick Wolf show with Damon Dogg

The one and only Damon Dogg (seen above, relaxing) will be performing live with his band Sick Wolf, on December 3rd 2009 (that’s tomorrow) 9pm at The Eagle Tavern in San Francisco. Damon is as...

Damon Dogg UnleashedT.I.M. News and Events

Hangin’ with Damon Dogg at IML Chicago

More great episodes of The Damon Dogg Show. These are from May, at IML in Chicago, and I have a few blink-and-you-miss-me appearances here. There’s some dick smoking in the May 23rd episode so...

Damon Dogg UnleashedHEADLINES

Hangin’ with Damon Dogg

America’s best loved cocksucker, Damon Dogg, is serialising his day-to-day existence in video installments. Check them out here:

Damon Dogg UnleashedT.I.M. News and Events

My music

This is Episode #23: Milk, preparing from Ryan Sullivan’s Island. I’ve posted this episode here because it has my music on the soundtrack. I sent a recording of this song called Spanish Pork...

Damon Dogg UnleashedT.I.M. News and Events

Ryan Sullivan’s Island

Click on the image below to go to a video blog all about TIM. It’s made by Ryan Sullivan. Twice a week he posts a short episode, mostly documenting whatever’s going on in the San Francisco...

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