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Category: Rolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice

Rolling With DICE: Warrior Dash 2017

Last weekend I headed to North Plains, Oregon to do Warrior Dash 5k Mud Run.


3.1 miles, 12 obstacles, and lots of mud. One obstacle was to even swim across a freezing cold lake.

This race I ran with my cousin, so it was a very nice bonding time. I tend to stick around others that are also very active and doing active things.

It took only 58 minutes to complete this course, which is good when I look at how long it took to do the Spartan Races.


Yet again I ran another race in TIM Gear shorts.

If you haven’t checked out the shorts we have be sure to, they’re great!

Rolling With Dice

Rolling With DICE: Spartan Beast Seattle

Just a couple weekends ago I headed up north to Snohomish, WA to run the Spartan Seattle Beast. Once again I decided to do the run in TIM Gear which I enjoy and find hot because it let’s all the...

Rolling With Dice

Rolling With DICE: Southern Decadence 2017

Last year I had the chance of attending Southern Decadence for the first time, as well as shooting two scenes which can be seen in “This Is You“. This year I got to attend again and shoot even...

Rolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Spartan Race

Last Saturday I headed to Washougal, WA to do the Portland Sprint Spartan Race. For years I’ve been wanting to do an obstacle course race, so I decided it was time. Not only time but also thought to...

PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Fletch Sporting TIM Gear

Yesterday Fletch sent me a message letting me know he was going to be in the neighborhood, I asked if he’d be interested in stopping by and trying on some TIM Gear so I could get some shots of him,...

PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Portland and Seattle Pride 2017

This year Pride was crazy, both in Portland and in Seattle. Men from everywhere traveling to enjoy the clubs, block parties, and bathhouses. I kicked off Portland Pride attending Club Kai Kai’s Drag...

Rolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Palm Springs With Kenny Host

It all started by me flying into SF and heading into the office to work. There’s nothing greater than seeing a giant cock when you first walk into Treasure Island Media.   The next morning it...

Damon Dogg UnleashedNEWSPDXREVIEWSRolling With Dice


The team over at JRL Charts has reviewed Damon Dogg and Dice‘s new fuck film “This Is You” you can view the article here. The full review is also transposed below. Damon Dogg, Dice...

PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: This Is You At Hawks PDX

Last Friday night at Portland’s bathhouse Hawks PDX we hosted an event for our new release “This Is You“. Models Timarrie Baker, Kyle Moon, Jadyn Daniels, Aleks Ryder and Adam Ragan...

PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Weekend Fun In Seattle

Just last weekend I thought it’d be fun to get outta town for a couple days, so I booked a ticket and headed north to Seattle. One of my favorite places to go out to would be R Place in Seattle...

PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With Dice: Shooting In Seattle

Last week I headed up to Seattle from Portland to shoot some scenes for 5 days. The first scene was Timarrie fucking Seattle native Sawyer. Later that night Sawyer was still hungry for cock and just his...

PDXRolling With Dice

Rolling With DICE: Eli Cumming Visits Portland

Recently Eli Cumming was in Portland, OR. His first night in town he wanted to meet out for drinks, so Timarrie and I hit up CC Slaughters to meet him. The next morning he hit me up asking if he could get...

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