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TIM Hits The Street at Folsom Street Fair

As September comes to a close and fall is in full-swing, Treasure Island Media is preparing to make a triumphant return to the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, September 25. Although, unlike many other year’s, Treasure Island Media’s impact is much more intertwined with a cause very close to the industry this time around.


Over the last couple of months TIM has been working closely with the Free Speech Coalition on the #NoOn60 campaign, which pertains to the derailment of Proposition 60 of the Californian ballot of the United States election to occur in November. To date the #NoOn60 campaign has made its presence known online through the website, a hub for information for Californian residents that may or may not have been aware of the true implications of the proposed, privacy-inhibiting enforcement, as well as a strong social media presence.

Finally, however, #NoOn60 is taking to the streets to educate and embrace the closest stakeholders to this pressing issue; the people of Folsom Street Fair. We have been scouring our online networks to signup volunteers, and look forward to causing a massive impact. The purpose of working with the Free Speech Coalition at the festival is to engage the community with the injustice that this proposed law would impose onto rights of adult entertainers, industry producers, and their extended professional networks. Furthermore, we’ll be focusing on bringing light to the un-communicated inflictions that will affect the general public, which can also be read HERE.



We’re also going to be giving our some great free #NoOn60 wearables, so make sure you check out the Free Speech Coalition’s booth, right besides!

If you’d like to get involved, make sure to signup to volunteer for both at Folsom and until the November vote. Or, if you’d simply like to get involved in the conversation, join us at Folsom Street Fair (you’ll see us wearing the T-Shirts below) or join the conversation on social media #NoOn60.



What Else Is TIM Doing For Folsom?

While we love a great cause, we still want to be quintessentially Treasure Island Media. Queue Poppered Up: Off The Street. The last Poppered Up event that was held in the lobby of our office was a major success. We gave away a lot of awesome merch, as well as had some epic sales – and knowing the sheer intensity of Folsom Street Fair, you can bet on this being BIGGER and BETTER than we’ve done it before. Yes, we’ve decided to take it to the next level.

Music, Boys, Video Head Cleaner, Lube and all the Treasure Island Media Merch that you want! We’ll even be featuring our friends at TIMGEAR!

And by popular demand, we’ll have a small Play Space with a few models cumming including Ray Diesel & Hunter Williams From the Movie Fill’er Up(Limited Tickets Due To Size – tickets include Clothes Check and cumming in and out until 5pm – see what we did there) 

Did we mention that we’ve got all you’re cleaning needs covered?

Most everything in the shop is on sale (up to 50% off Select Items) and Free Shipping from the shop to anywhere in the Continental USA!

“Where Is It?” I hear you begging…well, it is only two blocks down 9th from Folsom & 9th Street.

440 9th St, Unit C, San Francisco
Between Harrison and Bryant Right
Next to DORE Street.

For more information, visit:


See you at Folsom Street Fair!



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