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Category: T.I.M. News and Events

T.I.M. News and Events

TIM #REP: West Coast Olympus Leather!

This past weekend, Treasure Island Media was out supporting some friends in hot leather style down in Los Angeles, California for West Coast Olympus leather. The West Coast Olympus Leather community is an extremely diverse group of people ranging from the MC/Leather/Levi clubs to the heaviest SM edge player in CA, OR, WA, AK AND HI. As an organization, Olympus Leather’s regional and international titles seek to promote traditional Leather values without bias regarding an individual’s age, ability or identity. They’re an awesome group of people who keep coming back year after year to make their mark in their community while supporting each other’s free expression along the way, and we were happy to help them out! We have high hopes for their continued success and growth over the next couple years.

To learn more about West Coast Olympus leather, check them out on their website or on Facebook!



TIM #REP: Northwest Gay For Play!

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Treasure Island Media’s GRABBY 2018 Nominations!

2017 was a great year to be a TIM fan – and now it’s being recognized at the Grabby’s!  TIM managed to score a total of SEVEN nominations this year.”Best Video Site”,...

HEADLINEST.I.M. News and Events

TIM Cares: NE Leather Community

TIM CARES As the rush of summer begins to wind down and we settle into fall, we get a chance to reflect on what’s closest to us. Here at Treasure Island, the Leather community has always held a special...

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Paul Morris is delighted to announce that PUBLIC MEAT has been awarded 2017 BEST UK FETISH MOVIE during the recent Prowler British Porn Awards. PUBLIC MEAT is a two-hour documentary of London’s...

T.I.M. News and Events


  Get everything that you’ve ever wanted, and MORE without ever having to leave your couch (or bed, or desk, or dungeon…)   This CYBER MONDAY Treasure Island Media wants you to have...

T.I.M. News and Events

BLACK FRIDAY: $15 TIMFuck Membership

Unlimited bareback streaming from just $15/ month? Better cancel your Netflix subscription. We’ve heard our fans loud and clear, you love hardcore breeding, seeding and just plain pig-filth so much...

T.I.M. News and Events

BLACK FRIDAY: Movies from $10

Don’t feel like getting trampled by a hoard of desperate housewives this Black Friday? Well, you can sit back, relax and jerk it to a pile of great titles in the TIMStore, starting from just $10....

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TIM: A Week Full of Raunch, Heat and Fill’er Up!

Believe me when I say that we have had an extremely busy week at Treasure Island Media. While we are always committing sinisterly debaucherous acts of passion, fun and pure filth, this week we pushed...

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TIM Hits The Street at Folsom Street Fair

As September comes to a close and fall is in full-swing, Treasure Island Media is preparing to make a triumphant return to the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, September 25. Although, unlike many other...

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TIM Takes Over: RAUNCH in San Diego

Any night that Treasure Island Media takes part, winds up being sinisterly debaucherous in behavior… The night was true to the norm when TIM wound up sponsoring a party at RAUNCH in wild San...

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LIVE FEED – “Poppered Up” Shop by TIMGear

The Buzz: CUM PLAY WITH US ON JULY 31ST! We’ll Have: *Some of your Favorite TIM Guys show up throughout the day. *Our Merchandise Up Close and Personal! *Free Shipping from the Pop-up-Shop to...

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