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Category: T.I.M. News and Events

T.I.M. News and Events

Drawing: Arm-Wrestlers

A drawing from 2003. I know I drew this from a photograph found online, but I’ve since lost that file. If anyone has it, I’d be really curious to see it, to see what changes I made in the drawing.

T.I.M. News and Events

Drawing: My Head Was Pounding…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a drawing, so here’s one from just before I started making videos.

T.I.M. News and Events

Palanca Baseball Batsman

This is a drawing I made in 2004. It was influenced by an awesome artist called Palanca, so I emailed it to him. We’ve been in touch ever since, and this is his interpretation of my original...

Damon Dogg UnleashedT.I.M. News and Events

Ryan Sullivan’s Island

Click on the image below to go to a video blog all about TIM. It’s made by Ryan Sullivan. Twice a week he posts a short episode, mostly documenting whatever’s going on in the San Francisco...

T.I.M. News and Events

Stolen wallet

Yesterday my wallet was stolen from me while I was on the London underground. The station attendants gave me this form. I doodled on it while I was at the bank, waiting to organise my replacement bank...

T.I.M. News and Events

Sketchbook 2004

A sketch from way back in 2004.

T.I.M. News and Events

Hello, I am God

Liam Cole: pornographer, TIM-head, deity. Now, on your knees.

T.I.M. News and Events

Wrestler fingering his butt

A drawing from last summer.

T.I.M. News and Events

Links to old stuff

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