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Ginger Stud James Jamesson’s Gets Photoshopped on Tumblr

Retouched James Jameson Picture Treasure Island Media Paul Morris

Paul Morris has been obsessed with men, their bodies and sex, all his life. Most people know him for his work as the producer of the hottest bareback porn and founder of a cult brand. However, he is also a fine art photographer who shoots men (to see his work check out his Flickr). Recently, it came to our attention that this retouched photo of ginger stud James Jamesson was making the rounds on Tumblr. In the picture on the left, James is puffed up like the hulk and his cock is about twice the size it is in the original. We think he looks better in his original picture, what do you think?


Paul's Photos

Paul’s Photos || Gus

21 years old, charming, innocence seemingly intact. He was born and raised—and still lives–in a very small town a few hours north of San Francisco. He wants to be an actor, but living in a...

Paul's Photos

Paul’s Photos || Karl

  The main thing I’m interested in is simplicity and directness.  I don’t seem to have any inclination to become a master of the techniques and mechanics of photography.  No interest in...

Paul's Photos

Paul’s Photos || Jason

I’ve been reading the Iliad lately. And even in Homer, laced within all the battling and rage and death, the beauty of men is constantly celebrated. From the beginning of this shoot, Jason felt like...

Paul's Photos


There’s a particular feeling to the men who pose nude because they’re exploring themselves. They have a creative willingness that’s playful and refreshing. They’re challenged but...

Paul's Photos


32, straight but “sexually adventurous”. He lives in one of the small coastal towns south of San Francisco. He is an artisan who specializes in stone-work. He seemed to be more at ease nude...

Paul's Photos

PAUL’S PHOTOS || Soroush

Work had been utterly chaotic, in good part because I’d made the decision to hire an insane–but very nice–young man as an assistant. He was 21 and had disappeared in a flurry of guns,...

Paul's Photos


He’s a radical faerie and came to the shoot righteously stoned.  I thought it might be a problem, but it just made him playful and funny.  I said “Let’s start with you slowly stripping...

Paul's Photos

Paul’s Photos || SHANE

He’s 32, straight with Scorpio sun-sign. I stupidly aggravated his nervousness by giving him some random props to hold. After a few shots I took them away and just concentrated on him. To tell the...

Paul's Photos

Paul’s Photos || Brent

  He’s 22, a father. His mind is quick and he’s full of goodwill, friendliness and humor. He devours experience avidly and headfirst. Socially he identifies as straight.  He’s in a...

Paul's Photos

Paul’s Photos || TASSOS, take 2

When Pony told me Tassos was coming in for a second time, I was a bit shocked.  And nervous: I remembered how difficult it had been to photograph him the first time.  And it was even more difficult this...

Paul's Photos

PAUL’S PHOTOS || Frivolous

The first impression is telling. My first impression was that this was a boy, not a man and that his character was too completely based in his sexuality. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him;...

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