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Membership Sale: Porn In The USA


It’s Summer, again. The time of year is upon us for unscrupulous outdoor exhibitionism; pushing social and sexual boundaries as far as the sun pushes the boundaries of our days; and most importantly, the Treasure Island Media SUMMER SALE.

This year we’re bringing you one concise membership offer –


That is less than 28cents per day to receive unlimited access to our flagship sites: TIMFuck, TIMSuck and TIMJack.

Moreover, you’ll receive PREMIUM access to TIMXTube, our newest Tube-site.

If you were wondering how you were going to fill those long summer days, and rowdy hot nights, look no further. We have you covered around the clock. Not only that, but our multiple weekly updates and never-ending stream of Tube content will keep you going until Christmas. Do you understand why we made this membership last six months now? We aren’t just all pretty faces and cum-sloppy buttholes.

Go forth. Enjoy. (You’re Welcome)


T.I.M. News and Events


    The verdict is in and TIM has decided that you have all been very, very bad this year. So, it’s time that we reward you for being good purveyors of filth.   Regularly $300/year,...



We’ve heard your requests, we’ve heard your cries and now we’re announcing that we’ve met your desires. Our all new line of sexy knee-high socks are perfect for every occasion and...



3/5/16 UPDATE: THIS OFFER IS EXPIRED. This holiday season, for a limited time only, TIM is selling our very own GIFT PACK. The gift pack contains our exclusive colognes, MASTER and SLAVE. Also included...

T.I.M. News and Events

Treasure Island Media Redesigned

THE NEW TIM We’re pleased to introduce the new Treasure Island Media. All of our membership sites have been redesigned to increase user functionality, providing a better service to members, making...


TIMJack Exclusive Scene: Darrell Bass

  This week’s TIMJack soloist should be a real crowd pleaser. From the second that Darrell Bass walked into the room we knew that we were in for a real show.     You see, Darrell is...

Cumsloppy StoriesMax SohlT.I.M. News and Events

Gay Forced Milking – My 3:00 Appointment Last Friday

A repost of an actual session provided by and recounted by BaltimorEdger – jwf9403@yahoo to a Gay Forced Milking Group. My 3:00 PM was hung by his wrists while I played with his cock through the...

Max SohlNEW RELEASEST.I.M. News and Events

Cumming on 12.03.14 Max Sohl’s BONER ft. Rocco Steele

Cumming 12.03.14 Originally posted on MaxSohlBlog.com the eyes are the window into the soul of a man’s cock.  says me.

Drew Sebastian, Real & Raw

Drew Sebastian, Real & Raw || Ten Squirts

I met a guy on Scruff. It was the last day of my visit to Knoxville. I had met a few good new fuck buddies and visited with a few of my old ones. I was still horny for something, and I didn’t really...


04-22-14 TIMJack Exclusive || JAY DAVIS

    JAY DAVIS – Now on TIMJack.com A Treasure Island Media site COCK: 6.5″ HEIGHT: 5’8″ EYES: brown HAIR: brown AGE: 23 TURN ONS: sneaking into private pools for a skinny...

T.I.M. News and Events

Cool As Fuck || All Flicks On Sale – Extended For Your Pleasure

T.I.M. News and Events

Electronic Voice Phenomenon || We’re believers. Are You?

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) is the alleged communication by spirits through tape recorders and other electronic devices.  The belief in EVP in the United States seems to have mushroomed thanks to...

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